Misfiled stories

I know someone is going to say that the category that the story is filed under doesn’t matter… but to me, it does… as if the story is NAR or NAW, and the title itself, feels like the editors making their own comments on that story.

Take this one for example:

While it is definitely true that the man could have spoken up, he was told to wait and did so patiently, assuming that the OP would get to him eventually.

The OP on the other hand, assumed that a male wasn’t a customer and was just there waiting for his wife, when the OP had no reason to assume that.

This story also has the jerk tag, but it should have been filed under Not Always Working with the bigotry tag.

I guess my point in this long winded post is to ask the editors to be a bit more thorough when it comes to choosing the category.

On another note, there was one last week that was someone that had scored an over the limit rating on a breathaliser and got their child checked, we also found out that the child had indeed been drinking… and the whole thing was passed off as a joke. Drink driving and underaged drinking are both super dangerous, and I’m thankful that the story was removed… but I’m worried about it going up in the first place.

Anyway, if you made it to the end of my rambling, thank you for reading.