Miscommunication problem

So this happened last night. Friends and I were coming down to the shore for the weekend. I was at my parents’ house waiting on them to pick me up. One friend texted me and said they were leaving. Now where they were coming from was maybe a 10 minute drive. So my mom and I get my stuff together and go outside to wait. We wait, and we wait and we wait. They finally show up half an hour later.

The problem was that friend 1s mom came home and they had to say goodbye and everything. I even texted the friend who wasn’t driving to find out where they were. She didn’t bother to say oh well we got delayed. Which I would have been fine with.

AIBU for being a little upset that they let me think they were leaving and then they didn’t leave immediately? I mean I had them wrapped around a tree. They got all upset because we were upset that they took forever to get there. But if they’d only sent a message saying hey we were delayed leaving now it would have been fine.

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Nope you aren’t beening unreasonable. You’re story reminds me of the 3(?) times that my normally in-person program did not communicate with people in the program when there was a change in plan. Twice they didn’t contact me about the fact the program was close and the 2nd time it was complicate by the fact that I had a cake, and my parents had to go to Mom and my family doctor in (my town) after dropping me off. The other time was about lunches (the whole stories can be found over in “share your experiences” section) And people thought I was AIBU about the lunch business at the program on the field trip day.

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I probably would have addressed it in a friendly manner "Hey, would’ve been nice to get an update, that way we wouldn’t have waited outside "

It would not be a thing big enough that I would let it ruin my evening


I might have been annoyed in the moment, but I can see how when you’re talking and saying goodbye and packing a car, you might not realize how much time has passed and you probably aren’t looking at your phone. It clearly was an accident/miscommunication so I don’t think I would be very upset.

I would have calibrated my expectations a bit differently to begin with—in my experience road trips always start late, so I tend to wait inside until I can see the car. Plus if the point is to relax and have fun with your friends, who cares if you waited outside a bit, are you having fun now?

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I can relate. A while back my dad was picking me up at my place. He forgot his phone, and for some reason he accidentally drove to my work, which had him detour like 20 mins on a 10 min trip. I checked for traffic, see if there were any accidents, and nothing. I even called my mom if he really did leave. At some point I got worried about him. Now my dad didn’t have his phone, so couldn’t let me know, but in your case they did have that option. So yeah, I wouldn’t like that either.

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