Minefield Quiz - Game 8: The Final One!

By now, you will know that I put clues for the locations of the mines in all the previous games. Have I placed clues in this one? Well…

Either I have:

(A) constructed a clue based on some obscure knowledge that will require you to read up on a very niche subject, possibly even scouring my posts over the last couple of months all over the forum on the off-chance I sneakily posted a hint about it; or…

(B) there are no clues

On with the final quiz!

Q1 What 5 letter word, meaning “gain knowledge or skills”, is an anagram of the word that means “of or relating to the kidneys”

Q2 What prime number is the sum of five consecutive prime numbers, the lowest of which is 109?

Q3 [BLANK] Supreme is a Marvel superhero team created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema; [BLANK] Sinister is a Marvel supervillain team created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema. What is [BLANK]?

Q4 VE Day and VJ Day mark the Victory in Europe and Victory in Japan respectively. Which war do these relate to?

Q5 What is the first thing that Sam Cooke admits he doesn’t know much about in the song Wonderful World?

Q6 Cellarette, Tallboy and Ottoman are all examples of what?

Q7 In April 1948, the paper “The Origin of Chemical Elements”, which described how the Big Bang would create Hydrogen, Helium and the heavier elements, was published in the scientific journal Physical Review. It was written by PhD student Ralph Alpher and his advisor George Gamow. But someone else was credited, much to the dismay of Alpher. Who was this other person?

Q8 On 16th December 1965, just prior to re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, astronauts Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford reported seeing… what?

Q9 What band did Phil Lynott form in 1984?

Q10 What do the following have in common? A shrub that you beat around if you don’t want to get to the point; a US household appliance manufacturer synonymous with vacuum cleaners in the UK, as well as a failed free flight promotion in 1992; and a shallow river crossing that you might be able to drive a Model T through.

Quick summary of rules:

Two of the above questions are secretly mined; I hope you like guessing! Submit as many or as few questions (in any order) as you dare by private message to me. Please number your answers. I will mark the answers in the order you send them to me.

If you answer a question that has a mine, it will blow up, regardless of whether or not your answer is right.

If you don’t set off a mine, you will be invited to submit more answers, or lock in your score. If you answer all the non-mine questions correctly, the mines are defused, and you will be invited to answer the mine questions. These mines will not explode, even if you answer them incorrectly.

WARNING: You must wait for me to tell you the mines are defused before attempting them, or they WILL explode. Seriously, you need to wait. If you submit all your answers in one go, your score is going to be really low.

Scoring: all questions are worth one point each. For every question you attempt, your multiplier will increase by one. E.g. attempt five questions, and your multiplier is five. Your score is the number of questions you get right multiplied by the multiplier. If a mine blows up, your multiplier drops to one.

You only get one attempt at each question. Also, watch out for the automatic numbering system; I strongly recommend you preface your answers with the letter A: e.g. A1, A5, A7 etc. If you realise you’ve got it wrong, edit your message to me. Do not rely on me telling you the numbering is wrong, as I’m not doing that (sorry!). I will always wait at least one hour before marking, so you have a bit of time. Once I’ve “liked” your post, it means I’ve started marking, so please don’t change anything after that point.

All the questions have been thoroughly checked, but if you do see an error, please let me know by private message only. If there is a mistake, I will inform everyone.

A full breakdown of the rules, plus a sample game, may be found here. There is also a trial game for you to go at (if you wish) before you play for real, which may be found here.


Day 1 Summary

I’m all set and ready…




Been super busy all day. Will try to get to this tomorrow. Don’t worry, definitely gonna do it when I have time

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Day 3 Summary

Laying out the treats that are all perfectly safe and not at all dangerous for when the players do finally arrive



I have inspiration for my cat’s next playtime!

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Day 4 Summary


Sorry! Was waffling about which answers to submit

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Day 5 summary

We have players! A few have entered the arena, to carefully check for mines.


Some were a bit too successful…


But there is still one player active, and they are calmly and methodically checking.


Are you brave enough to come and play?


There is still plenty of time!

I’m going on a mini break tomorrow. I’ll still be checking and marking whilst I’m away, but it might not be as frequent as usual. I probably won’t close the game until I’m back, so it will be running until at least Wednesday or Thursday.

Day 6 summary

The active player is active no more. Did they lock in their score? Or did they find a mine?


So that’s a grand total of zero players who have a locked in score this round (so far)

Anyway, my apologies for being a bit late with the summary; I’ve been busy nerding out over genuine Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Labyrinth, Top Gun, Indiana Jones, etc props.

But although I am tired from a trip to the gym, I am ready for the next player at a moment’s notice…


Day 7 summary

Another player entered the arena!


They were not in there long…

Do you have what it takes to enter?


Day 8 Summary

Where is everyone?


I can only assume that the players have been held up for some reason.


Hope they do escape to give it a try, as no one has yet locked in a score, there is a chance to do well!

So come on in. It’s perfectly safe safe…



Time to call time!

Minefield Game 8 Results

@AlienToasterRepairs 12 points (locked in score)
@AthenaCat 4 points (discovered active mine)
@CJR 3 points (discovered active mine)
@Celoptra 1 point (discovered active mine)

Congratulations to AlienToasterRepairs for winning the final game!

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Game 8 Answers

A1 Learn

A2 617

A3 Squadron

A4 World War 2

A5 History

A6 Storage furniture (just furniture is acceptable)

A7 Hans Bethe. His name was added by George Gamow, just so the paper could be authored by Alpher, Bethe and Gamow. It is now known as the “Alpha-Beta-Gamma Paper”, the first three letters of the Greek Alphabet.

A8 Father Christmas and his reindeer. This was the actual report given by Stafford:

“We have an object, looks like a satellite going from north to south, probably in polar orbit… Looks like he might be going to re-enter soon… You just might let me pick up that thing… I see a command module and eight smaller modules in front. The pilot of the command module is wearing a red suit.”

This was followed by the sounds of sleigh bells (played by Stafford) and Schirra playing Jingle Bells on harmonica. There was a pause, and Elliott See of Mission Control responded “You’re too much”. This was the first music played in space.

A9 Grand Slam

A10 Bush, Hoover and Ford are the surnames of some of the US presidents

Questions 6 and 9 were mined.

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But was there a clue to the location of the mines?

Do you remember at the start when I said this:

Either I have:

(A) constructed a clue based on some obscure knowledge that will require you to read up on a very niche subject, possibly even scouring my posts over the last couple of months all over the forum on the off-chance I sneakily posted a hint about it; or…

(B) there are no clues

It was (A).

Q6 mentioned Tallboy. The answer to Q9 was Grand Slam. Those were the names of two very large bombs.

You mean you didn’t see my hint back in the beginning of June, when I posted that fact in Count to 1000?

I didn’t think you did. So how would you know that you needed to read up about that subject? Let’s look at the answers again for a subtle hint…

A1 Learn
A2 617
A3 Squadron
A4 World War 2
A5 History
A6 Storage furniture
A7 Hans Bethe.
A8 Father Christmas and his reindeer.
A9 Grand Slam
A10 Bush, Hoover and Ford are the surnames of some of the US presidents

617 Squadron, during World War Two, were used for high-precision bombing raids. For a while they were fitted with the 10,000 pound Tallboy. Later, they carried the 20,000 pound Grand Slam.

That brings us to the end of all the Minefield quizzes. Thank you all ever so much for putting up with my bombardment of the forums.

And of course, a HUGE thank you for those who played!

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