Minefield Quiz - Game 6

Q1 Krung Thep Maha Nakhon is the official name for the capital city of which country?

Q2 In the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, a number of entries came joint first. What were the winning entries for Spain, Netherlands and France?

Q3 What began in 2001 at Halberstadt Cathedral in Germany, and should be completed in 2640?

Q4 If 2017 was “I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change” and 2018 was “Working at the Jobcentre has to be a tense job – knowing that if you get fired, you still have to come in the next day”, what was 2019?

Q5 In 1958, 17 year old Robert G Heft designed something for a school project that earned him a B-, but the grade was changed to an A after President Eisenhower contacted the school about the design. What was the design?

Q6 Who won four consecutive terms of mayor in Cormorant Township, Minnesota (starting in 2014)?

Q7 Tony Hawks challenged the Moldovan football team to… what?

Q8 What did Claudio Daniel Troglia and Carmela Vitale both invent and receive patents for that made life that little bit easier for takeaway diners?

Q9 An accident resulted in a young Matt Murdock being blinded but gaining incredible abilities; this was Daredevil’s origin story. According to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird in their comic book series, which team was created by the same accident?

Q10 What do the following have in common: The Roman goddess of marriage (Greek equivalent of Hera); the thoroughbred horse that in 1935 was the third winner of the American Triple Crown; the precious metal that iron pyrite is often confused for; the US state where you might find a famous 3D computer-generated teapot (designed by Martin Newell); what Excalibur is an example of.

Quick summary of rules:

Two of the above questions are secretly mined; I hope you like guessing! Submit as many or as few questions (in any order) as you dare by private message to me. Please number your answers. I will mark the answers in the order you send them to me.

If you answer a question that has a mine, it will blow up, regardless of whether or not your answer is right.

If you don’t set off a mine, you will be invited to submit more answers, or lock in your score. If you answer all the non-mine questions correctly, the mines are defused, and you will be invited to answer the mine questions. These mines will not explode, even if you answer them incorrectly.

WARNING: You must wait for me to tell you the mines are defused before attempting them, or they WILL explode. Seriously, you need to wait. If you submit all your answers in one go, your score is going to be really low.

Scoring: all questions are worth one point each. For every question you attempt, your multiplier will increase by one. E.g. attempt five questions, and your multiplier is five. Your score is the number of questions you get right multiplied by the multiplier. If a mine blows up, your multiplier drops to one.

You only get one attempt at each question. Also, watch out for the automatic numbering system; I strongly recommend you preface your answers with the letter A: e.g. A1, A5, A7 etc. If you realise you’ve got it wrong, edit your message to me. Do not rely on me telling you the numbering is wrong, as I’m not doing that (sorry!). I will always wait at least one hour before marking, so you have a bit of time. Once I’ve “liked” your post, it means I’ve started marking, so please don’t change anything after that point.

All the questions have been thoroughly checked, but if you do see an error, please let me know by private message only. If there is a mistake, I will inform everyone.

A full breakdown of the rules, plus a sample game, may be found here. There is also a trial game for you to go at (if you wish) before you play for real, which may be found here.


New players are welcome. If you are new to the forum and are as yet unable to send a private message, just post a reply here saying you’d like to play, and I’ll send you a private message you can respond to with your answer(s)

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@PotatoPercy, do you and the other NAR staff fancy having a go? If your bosses tell you off for playing when you should be working, just say you’re keeping the commentariat engaged!

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Day 1 Summary



Where is everybody?

Maybe they are still trying to solve this? Maybe they’ve been held up? Maybe they’ve encountered an angry flea (or something like that)?

Or maybe all my regular players are in a different time zone and/or actually at work…

I will get on it later, a bit busy packing for the holiday weekend at the moment

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I’d love to, but I am definitely not good at these types of games. So far I think I only have an answer to one of these, and I’m not even sure of it.

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Don’t lose your patience, Mr Stephen! Will start tomorrow

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You are allowed to use internet searches. In fact you are encouraged to!

Game on!


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Day 2 Summary

The hunt for mines is on!


How will they do? Watch this space…

Day 4 Summary

(Sorry; didn’t do one yesterday)

We have one active player carefully trying to avoid mines


As for the inactive player? I’m not going to say…


I will say that their time in the arena was very brief. Make of that what you will…

Plenty of time for new players to join the fun!



Day 5 Summary

Another player has entered the arena, making for two active players gingerly stepping around the mines.


As for the inactives… I’m still not saying. Think of this as a Schrodinger’s Box experiment. The players are both winners and losers at the same time, and there is no way for you to tell.

giphy (13)



…you can probably guess they actually want out.

Anyway, this game has been a bit low on numbers. So please, do come and play!


It’s quite safe, honest!


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Day 6 Summary

We have one active player carefully checking for mines


As for the inactive players in “Stephen’s Wannabe Schrodinger’s Box experiment”, I am still not saying how well or how badly the inhabitants have done.

Mind you, it is awfully quiet in there…


Maybe I should have put in some air holes?

Anyway, the game is still active, so why not give it a go? All are welcome!


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Day 7 Summary

No new players (would love some more!)

Active player is still checking for mines:


Inactive players are still inactive, and their exact status is:


Still thinking about whether or not you want to play? Well…


Day 8 Summary

Looking around the Minefield Arena…


…I see we have no active players.

It would be great if we can have a few more?


However, if no one else comes along, I’ll post the results tomorrow


Game 6 Results

@Sillsallad 100 points (defused all mines)

@AthenaCat 90 points (defused all mines)

@Celoptra 6 points (locked in score)

@AlienToasterRepairs 3 points (discovered active mine)

@RebeccaBlue 3 points (discovered active mine)

@Weatherby2378 1 point (discovered active mine)

Well done to Sillsallad, who has joined The 100 Club! She also wins this game.


Game 6 Answers

A1 Thailand

A2 Spain: Salomé sang “Vivo cantando”; Netherlands: Lenny Kuhr sang “De troubadour”; France: Frida Boccara sang “Un jour, un enfant”

A3 A performance of John Cage’s As Slow as Possible. It started 639 years after what is believed to be the world’s first organ with the modern chromatic keyboard was installed in that cathedral. The piece was then set to play for 639 years.

A4 “I keep randomly shouting out ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Cauliflower’ – I think I might have florets”. These are all winners of the Dave sponsored competition Funniest Joke of the Fringe. 2017 was won by Ken Chen, 2018 was Adam Lowe and 2019 was Olaf Falafel.

A5 The current flag of the United States, with 50 stars on it.

A6 Duke, a Great Pyrenees dog. He was a GOOD BOI!

A7 Tennis. Arthur Smith made a drunken bet with Tony Hawks that Tony couldn’t beat all the members of the then current Moldovan national football team at tennis, based on the premise that being good at one sport doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at others.

Just a little note to those thinking I made a typo: nope, this is the comedian Tony Hawks, not to be confused with the skateboarder Tony Hawk.

A8 That little plastic table that stops the lid of the box from getting in your pizza.

A9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In case you hadn’t spotted the parallels between Daredevil and TMNT before, Daredevil’s mentor was Stick; the turtles had Splinter. Daredevil fights The Hand, and the turtles fight the Foot Clan.

A10 Juno, Omaha, Gold, Utah and Sword are the code names of the beaches used for the D-Day landings as part of Operation Overlord

Questions 1 and 2 were mined

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A couple of notes:

Q5: apparently that story might be apophrycal, but i couldn’t find anything to confirm that to be the case. However, it didn’t appear to stop anyone finding out the answer, so i just let it remain.

Q10 i did get a different answer from one player, who managed to prove they were all the names of towns and cities in the US. There is a place called Swords, not Sword, but as Swords as an answer does just about fit the question, i decided to allow it to stand for the following reasons:

(A) Technically correct is the best kind of correct; and
(B) This is just a game for a bit of fun

Hope everyone is happy with that! :grin:


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