Mice puns

For decorations and news letters for a festival I’m looking for some creative/funny/original/charming puns that are related to mice.

Every year this dance festival has an animal mascot.
During the last edition we went to otter space and everyone was happy to see each otter again.
The one before that people were told they could catch a buzz at the bar but we warned to beehive themselves. The new lead organizer was a real keeper too.
You probably get the gist.

So for this year I’m thinking it will be mice to see everyone again.
If I meet someone cute at the bar I might whisker/him away.
And afterwards people should go back in the car they rodent parked when they arrived.

Let’s hear what cheesy puns you can come up with!


@Stephen I summom thee!


So what I’m getting is you’re after little comments you can use for taking the Mickey?

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I wish this were mine, but it isn’t; i saw this in the NAR comments.

Did you know you can catch a computer mouse using clickbait?

Edited: found it! Illithid cracked that one

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Not so much mockery, but any little joke that can be snuck into a tail or posted somewhere on a d(o)or(mouse). Maybe the banner/site will grant some inspiration? cadansa.nl
Shrewd you or anyone have some spare time I would really appreciate the shared brain power.

Seriously, otters and bees were far easier.

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I agree. Next time, tell them to gopher a different creature!


Just keep beavering away, I’m sure you’ll think of something. If you do use a pun from this thread, instead of making up your own, make sure nobody rats you out. That would be hard to capybara!


These puns are getting cheesy. I smell a rat.

You could tell everyone to have a mice time and not to worry the Jerry is still out on whether we’ll be able to have enough puns.


The peeple who organise the event are already giggling. I’m sure this tail will have a happy ending.

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I really mus think of more puns… maybe I’ll get inspiration with a drink from the Capybara

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Oh, and given this is a dance festival, don’t forget to get everyone up for the Pacaranas

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No one still on a vole? I guess that’s the shrewth.

Bad puns are also allowed. Don’t be shy. Squeak up.

That’s a Mighty (mouse) tall order!

I hope you have enough puns Justin time!

Sorry justin was a rat but why not?

Which Justin?
Justin Peeper?

US/pop culture references probably won’t work for the festival, but they can still be fun to read here.

No, probably this Justin.

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What do you do if you give an over-full cup to a rodent?

Possum out


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