Manager who over sees other managers in a theme park?

I’m made a couple of documents of unofficial ideas for WIP Paralives game On my Trip the other week i thought that my original 2019/2020 Paralives Vacation doc was about to crammed full of ideas-so I decided to put at least three of the ideas into separate documents- Camping, Theme parks and I’m going to do cruises next as the last one which need to be put in a separate document.

in Chapter 6 of the Theme park document I put “Theme Park Manager” but I need to know if there’s another name I could use for a Big Bosses of managers regardless if they’re hotel, restaurants (either Quick Service or table service), Store Managers or ride managers. I’m thinking of something similar to I think like a Distract Manager/General Manager)

Paralives Theme Park Doc

I suspect the title you’re trying to get across is:

Manager who oversees other managers in a theme park?

Remember what I said about not using “whom”? Please, just use the word “who” instead, every time. You’ll be right nearly all the time. If you use “whom” every time, you’ll almost always have it wrong. Thanks!

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fixed it.

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Better, thanks!

As for your question, Theme Park Manager is a good a job title as any. Even if it isn’t the correct terminology, it’s pretty descriptive. Why not stick with that?

I wonder if the person who works at the Second Largest Theme Park in Canada is on the forum and can tell us?

Well I was thinking more in terms of a general manager. Because theme park manager if it’s a place like Disney World/Disneyland land there might have to be “sub-managers” (outside of the ride/restaurant managers) in the different parks (ie Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, etc)

A typical hierarchy in my line of work would be:

Analyst / engineer
Senior Manager
Associate Director

Each subsequent level has authority over people in the previous level. Don’t know if this structure is applicable for theme park operators but parts of it might be.

On the lowest level, you have a line manager, who oversees the regular employees who directly produce the company’s product. The line manager would be the boss for most workers.

Next level: middle management, who oversees the line managers but still aren’t the top of the management pyramid. This would be the grandboss for regular employees.

Senior management (also known as executive management or upper management) manages the middle managers. They’re typically in very high positions in the company and have a lot of authority.

You can also have people who aren’t directly in this line of authority. People in HR could be considered staff managers, for instance.

Though I do have a question. Is Paralives going for the same whimsical approach as the earlier Sims games? If so, that might mean thinking a little outside the box.

Thank you for that but I think with a theme park depending on how big it is There would be Mutplie managers

General Theme Park Manager
-minor theme park managers
-ride managers
-food managers (both Qucik Service and Table Service)
-hotel managers (if there’s hotels around the property)

The Devs for Paralives said they’re going to be more realistic then in the Sims series. Which is why there wouldn’t be Paranormal in the Base Game. And also there wouldn’t be something like the “Grimm Reaper” coming for a dead para. The only annoying thing is there’s always a fight over “should an ambulance comes for a dead para”?

The only thing that will be in the BG so far:

  1. Seasons/holidays
    2.Cats, Dogs and Horses
  2. Cars, houseboats, and bikes
    4.height system
    5 items related to religion but not actual religion

I made a couple of unofficial Paralives document- Paralives vacation-which this Theme park document is a side document of (the original document, was getting a bid cramped), Rich Para spending ideas, was another one, the possibility of playing with Royalty were some of the unofficial ideas I written out,

If there is separate Vacation DLC in the future after Paralives comes out, if there’s a theme park one, why not if our paras live close to it, why should they not get a jobs at the park(s) and be able to if they want to work up the ranks to maybe one day become the GM of the theme park?

All of those would count as line managers if they directly work with the employees. Then the middle managers would manage them, and senior management manages the middle managers.

A general manager for one of those categories, like a general manager for a theme park hotel, could count as either line management if they directly manage the employees or middle management if they don’t.

Thank you for that, I was thinking more in lines of ones whom would be more um active in the parks? (ie: supervisors/Managers) I don’t think a directors if theme parks have them or Executives would put foot in their parks unless they’re trying to figure out if the Park needed to be “improved” (cough the closed Alien/Stich Escapes Ride cough and cough Former CEO Michel Eisner cough)

I might be mistaken, but I don’t think there can be line managers at big parks like Disney Parks since you can’t expect the manager at Be Our Guest restaurant to be the same manager as the manager whom you complain too if The Twilight Terror of Tower in Hollywood studios is broken/closed nor would you except the same manager to be the manager of the African Hub Cart in Animal Kingdom ?

Maybe I thinking of a director or Executive like @AlienToasterRepairs suggested? Since someone would have to manage the senior management? Like with the stores/resturant stories we havve we have read on the site there’s like AM->RM/SM-> District Manager, then General Manager? Like there would be like the different food/hotel/rides managers, then them would be something like a Department Manager (but like one Manager for Animal Kingdom, another one for Epcot, another one for Hollywood Studios), and then like like their boss (one whom oversees the entire operations?

(Maybe I’m thinking of a CEO/CFO or something?) I’m not sure what I’m thinking of since I think that CEO or CFO wouldn’t really step foot into the theme park unless there’s a major problem that the managers can’t fix, or they want to see if they could improve areas of the park

Apperently there is a President for at least the Disney Parks. Maybe that’s what I might have been looking for?

Line managers manage a group of employees and/or a particular area. They don’t have to manage all the employees or all the areas. So a manager who manages the Be Our Guest restaurant is either a line manager or middle manager in charge of that paricular area, depending on how directly they work.

You’re correct on general managers. I think I misremembered the term there.

Senior management would be managed by executives and chief officers (like the CEO).


sorry if I was too harsh on you early!

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related question in regards to theme park ideas

Does the word “characters of a park” make sense?

again it’s part of the jobs I wrote down for the Theme park document. I don’t think “performer” would work because if it’s something like Disney parks technically all the employees are putting on a performance for the guests? I’m thinking more in lines of the face and fur characters… Or the meetable Candy characters from Hersey theme park?

And yes I’m aware I’m using a lot of Disney references.

Character does sort of make sense, but it can also refer to the characters in other ways. If you say that you’re becoming a Disney character, that sounds like they’re making a movie about you than that you’re playing one of their characters.

It looks like the official term is theme park performers.

If you don’t want to go with that, what about Friends With Mascot or something like Mascot Friend? Like how Disney performers are called “Friends with [character]” when they’re off the clock.

as I explained, I don’t really want to use the world “performer” because at the Disney parks/resorts… all the employees are “performers” since as soon as you get into the park, you’re sort of on a stage, and the employees are the story tellers?

This is what I have for jobs:

:Theme Park (depends on the type of park and how big)


-characters of the park (like the Face and Fur Cast Members at Disney Parks)

-Character Attendants


-Trolley driver?

Store Employees/managers



-theme park manager (equivalent of a General or Distract Manager there has to be someone in charge of overseeing all the other managers regardless of their location)

II: Rides

-ride operator

-ride technician

-rides manager

III: Food


-Candy makers

-Snack Vendors

-Ice Cream employees

-Ice Cream Manager

-Quick Service employees

  • Quick Service Cooks

-Quick Service Managers

-Table service host

-Table Service Server

-Table Service Cook

-Table Service Managers

IV: Hotel (jobs depends on how expensive the hotel is:

Desk Employee



Life Guards



( decided to add to the Characters of the park (aka Costumed Performers)

I’ve heard the people who play characters in theme parks referred to as “cast”. Not just Disney parks, but others too.

thank you for that. But I don’t really want to use the word “cast” in this case because I want to differented like the costumed perfomers (fur/face characters) from other “cast” members whom are the normal workers Janitors, ride operators, food service employees because in Magical lands like Disney park all the employees are “Cast members”

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