Love interest song sim version from Book vs. movies the Musical: Faerie Tales vs. Disney movies thoughts?

sim picture version of a song from Part 2 Matt Guion’s (aka Bandgeek8408) Book vs. Movies: The Musical: Faire Tales vs. Disney movies. See here: Bandgeek8408's book vs. movies the musical: Faerie Tales vs. Disney. So what do people think of the sim versions?

Snow White had a moment

Cinderella a dance

Aurora had an eerie meeting

At least in the post Renaissance films showed love beyond first greeting, Aladdin

and even Ariel had some time to get to know the object of their affection


and Rapunzel didn’t trust their men/they had to work to make a connection

But these three think they found true love with one sappy invitation/

So let’s us call it what it is, not love but simple infatuation

The second Cinderella in the Cinderella is my current heiress- she’s (Was) the Cinderella of Gen 6 part of my SimLit . this is where it breaks off from the tradditonal Cinderella story since it’s Selene (my Cinderella) singing the song to Prince James… a weird take on a “break-up” song.

I had to rewatch the video many times to try to hear the bit about Aurora since I could never quiet here it until today… since I thought it was “Creepy meeting” or “Creepy Romance” but now I think it’s Eriee meeting"

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