Long story we chose not to publish - but we wanted your take on it

The following is a story we received directly submitted to the site from a reader who also shared their story on Reddit. We ended up not running it on the site, as it doesn’t follow what we usually aim for on NAR, but we wanted your take on it too.

Should NAR publish the occasional story like this?

=== THE STORY===

Hospital, USA

After more than three decades as a physician, the Q maniacs have succeeded in driving me out of providing care to patients. I, like many of my colleagues, am moving into medically-adjacent work, where we can continue to apply our training and decades off knowledge without ever having to come in contact with sick people.

I’ve been able to deal with the years of patients who attended Google Medical School, and the hours wasted explaining things such as why cinnamon cannot be used to treat diabetes, or that garlic and beetroot can’t treat HIV. And Lord save me from essential oils.

COVID and Q finally proved to be the one of amateur “experts” that was too much for me. The horrific deaths are beyond what you might imagine. They emerge almost unrecognizable to their families. Since June, I have never seen a horrible case of someone who was vaccinated. I have seen people struggling to breathe through lungs that have hardened to near uselessness, begging us in their ignorance to give them the vaccine now. We can tell, almost without fail, which ones will die when they come through the door of the ICU, but we do everything in our power to keep them alive - BIPAP, ECMO, ventilator - knowing we are stretching out the inevitable. We use paralytics with ECMO and ventilators, then ease them off to see if they can function. And as the drugs wane, the look of terror emerges, the tears. We try to calm them, to swallow our desire to scream at them: This is your fault! This didn’t have to happen! Often, their spouse or their uncle or neighbor is nearby, dying along with them. And we work hard for those rare cases where we can pull them back from the edge.

I could deal with all of that. What I can no longer handle is the screaming, not from the patients, but from the families. They are not screaming in anguish, or in recognition of how their foolishness has led them to this point. No, they are screaming at me. Because, you see, I am part of the global conspiracy to commit genocide. If only I would give 10,000 mg of Vitamin C - even though the body can only absorb a maximum of 100 mg a day, with the rest creating the world’s most expensive urine - they would be saved. Or hydroxychloroquine. Or ivermectin. Those have never been studied, they assure me, and when I tell them they have been, they snap that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I want, oh god I want, to tell them that if we are the ones responsible for killing their loved ones, then why the hell have they brought them to the hospital? Why throw them into our clutches? I know the answer: They know it is all lies. But their egos are so huge they cant bring themselves to admit it.

My breaking point came three weeks ago. I dealt with a particularly horrible case. This was a husband and father, 38 years old. A wife, two daughters, one son. All of age to get vaccinated, none vaccinated. If you could have seen his face, and the ravages left by both COVID and the time he spent prone on his stomach. An enormous clot kept reforming in his leg, and we had been forced to amputate his foot in hopes of keeping him alive. When he was awake, the look of terror in his eyes, the crying, the pain. It was nothing new. But the begging, over and over, “Don’t let me die.” And “Give me the vaccine.” All I could tell him is “We won’t let you” - although I never said we might not have any choice in the matter. And I told him, repeatedly, it was too late for the vaccine.

He begged me to bring in his family. A nurse called them, because they had never come to the hospital. They refused to wear masks, and so would not be admitted. The nurse told the wife that her husband was likely dying, and was begging to see them. All she cared about was masks. She would only come if she and her daughters didn’t have to wear any.

The nurse came to me and told me the wife wanted to speak to me. I got on the phone and she ordered me to cure him with ivermectin and vitamin C & D. I explained to her, those do not work, they have been extensively studied and the amount of ivermectin needed to treat even mild COVID would kill a human being. Once again, I was told I was ignorant. I asked her to come down to the hospital, to bring her children, to at least wait outside. Somehow, she agreed.

The nurses were all busy, and I took over the role they usually perform, comforting the dying. I sat beside the man’s bed. Through tears, he rasped out sounds I could vaguely understand as a question. I guessed at what he was asking, and assured him that yes, his family was coming. He was so frightened, and I could tell he knew death was unavoidable. I’m not religious, but I knew he was, and I talked about the comfort of Jesus as I held his hand. About a minute later, he coded. We tried to save him, but there was nothing to be done. He died.

Twenty minutes later, I heard from a nurse that the family was here, that they had made a ruckus down in the lobby demanding to be let upstairs without masks, and had been thrown out of the hospital. I consulted with a few colleagues who agreed to cover me so that i could speak to them in the parking lot. I took the elevator down, and asked security to point out the family that refused to wear masks. Fortunately, they had not left.

I stepped outside, went to the wife, and identified myself. I told her that I was sorry, that we had done everything we could, but her husband had passed a few minutes earlier. I did not manage to get the words of the sentence fully out of my mouth when I felt the fist strike my face and heard the screamed words “You murderer!” I fell backwards, tripped, and plopped onto the pavement, the back off my head striking asphalt. I vaguely heard the words being screamed about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and god knows what else. I heard “you could have saved him if you listened!” I tasted blood from the top of my lip. It took a moment to know it was seeping from my nose, which she had broken. My mask was getting wet, and thus useless. Security grabbed her. They were getting ready to call the police, but I knew if they did, I would become the next national target for the Q maniacs. I told them to just put her in her car. I wasn’t going to press charges. I went back to the hospital.

I started looking for a new job the next day. I will never treat a patient again.

Thank God.


Thank you for sharing this story here, and asking our thoughts.

Me, I’m glad it wasn’t posted on the main site. You have stories that produce all manner of emotions, even anger, and they all have their place on NAR. But this… I’m struggling to put it into words as to why it shouldn’t be on there.

Maybe it’s because there is no satisfying ending of the birch being arrested. Maybe it’s because the story is too… raw? Is that the right word? As I said, I’m struggling to put my thoughts into words.

Maybe it’s because I’m imagining the comment section getting unbelievably heated when a certain commentator turns up and the inevitable bad feeling that would be generated.

In any case, I personally think you made the right decision not to post this particular story (although I am interested in everyone else’s viewpoints, especially if they differ), and once again thank you for asking us.


It’s a heartbreaking story, but it isn’t for NAR. It’s a news story. Except— and this is the tragic part— it has already been covered by the news, because it is happening to many people. Here is just one example: Experts abused for talking to the public

Disinformation dozen


Tragic story but not one for the site. It’s a well-written and needed vent, more appropriate for Reddit than NAR. My personal feelings on the commentariat aside, I do not believe that this story would be well received in the way that the author intended.

Thank you for sharing it here though.


I agree with the posters above. It’s a heartbreaking story, which I assume that a lot of people working in the medical field can relate to, but it’s not NAR-y.

The comments would be hell. You’d have to moderate a lot to keep the comments at a reasonable level, but it’s a dumpster fire ready to happen.

I do think it’s important for stories like this to “go out there” and that people, especially the Qs, to hear about these things. But it’s going to turn political and NAR is not the right platform for this.


Also: It is important to talk to people about this situation, especially if your view on it differs. A lot of people only read the “news” and opinions they’re shown on their social media, this information is based on stuff you’ve only read and you will get a very biased news feed.

Talking requires respect, as soon as things turns hostile, you won’t be able to lead a normal discussion anymore. This is so hard to do online


I think most is already said. It’s a really good written story, but it’s not something for this site.
The feelings and opinion of OP are so great and woven into the story, that some people will feel very strongly about it, and react accordingly.

This makes that this story worth telling will result in a battlefielded comments section.


I’m the one who told the author how to share it on NAR.

Been doing that when I see an interesting story.


This story is now being shared around on Facebook.


Interesting comment on a (satirical) article on Science-Based Medicine:
“ The worst part is the patients and families are much crazier. The vaccine filters out the normies and we are left with the ivermectin and zinc people to deal with every day.”
From comments on: Great Barrington Declaration signatories are silencing me

I agree with the people that said there would be some crazy comments. And the past two years have been a dumpster fire especially in the United States. I am a healthcare worker as well. I saw someone in their 50s (unvaccinated) who came in with what appeared to be a mild case and the O2 he needed went from 2 liters to 15 liters in a matter of hours. By the time I saw him, he was back down to 10 liters and it exhausted him to get from his bed to the chair right next to it.


I’ll be brief. No, I don’t think we need stories like this. It’ll just cause too much controversy and fighting. Nobody wants to listen to reason.

Are you the famous EdwardAnderson from the comments section?

Just curious.

Yes, why?

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I also just wanted to say this. I really don’t know why the doctor is surprised the woman was furious and grief stricken over her husband who’s also the father of her children dying. But maybe it’s just as well he’s decided to quit being a doctor.

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I was honestly just curious, no offense was intended. Sorry if I upset you by asking.

I saw your name here and thought ‘is it related to this name from the comments section? I can ponder it for a few days, orrrr I can just ask’

Being furious and grief stricken doesn’t give her the right to hit the doctor who tried to save her husband, especially when the husband didn’t take the simplest of precautions to prevent his own death. And she didn’t learn anything from this and was still refusing to wear a mask after her husband died. We’re two years into this, these sort of people have run out of slack to be given.


Anger at her husband for making a stupid decision that led to his otherwise preventable death would be understandable. Anger at the doctor who did everything in their power to save him makes no sense at all.


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