Local Canadian fast food chained switched back to "old school" soda fountain

I went to a Canadian fast-food Chain. It’s name is synonymous with a rabbit and with a certain teenage witch’s boyfriend. When I last went to the local location in 2016 with my parents (we couldn’t find the restaurant in play-town)-the local branch had one of those, Freestyle Coke Machines soda fountains (ie: touch screen). When I went into the branch today I noticed they apparently had shifted back to the old-school soda fountain.

So I kind of wonder if corporate had complaints from visually impaired community. Since I know that around 2014, (golden arches) had a lawsuit in the states about Free-style Coke Machines and how they’re inaccessible for visually impaired people.

Once I get wording right, I might tweet and/or Facebook message Blind Canadian YouTuber and ask about how do visually impaired people use old school soda fountains?