Live geese in box in parking lot of local movie theatre

Yesterday the parents and I went to see Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them: The Secrets of Dumbledore. When we were walking to the movie theatre from the parking lot there was a “garden box” and there was a live geese with a nest in there. Mom at first thought it was a statue until she saw it was moving. I noticed it was hissing at us when we went by. Dad said that after dark when people went near there they will be “in for a surprise”.

We got Popeye’s for supper yesterday after the movie and I got the popcorn shrimp and the parents got the chicken burger. Dad got the spicy one.

There were a bunch of baby geese by the edge of campus in the spring. It was A Problem because they were constantly blocking the sidewalk and mama geese were not happy with people.

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We see Canadian Geese around here all the time lol, they generally stay out of people’s way. They like to steal food from the ducks, though.

My dad when he was 5 was chased by one and his Dad stopped it eventually

Goose is my favourite Christmas bird.

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I’m guessing you’re talking about eating it like in A CHristmas Carol?

Pretty much. Roasted with cider gravy. But I would definitely have a pet goose given the opportunity.

I did stay on a farm once and this Canadian goose charged over honking. Turns out that it was friendly and I got to stroke it. Interesting feel.

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We tried to have goose once that My Dad hunted but it turned out very dry?

I think that it depends on the variety of goose. I always find turkey to be really dry no matter who or how it’s cooked.

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I love goose and duck.


Ralph Wiggum has his own favourite


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