Live action remakes - What's your opinion

I am a huge fan of Anastasia and I found out last night that Disney is doing a LAR of it next year. I’ve been enjoying the LAR that they’ve come out with especially Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. The funny thing is Anastasia wasn’t originally a Disney movie but animated by someone who works/worked for Disney.

So what’s your opinion? Yay or nay?

Nay personally. As an anime fan I find that live action “remakes” of particular seasons usually chop out many major plot points that end up changing the story for the worse.

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Read Avantasia first and thought you wanted to discuss the band :smile:


With both the 2015 live action Cinderella and the 2017 La Belle and the Bete in some ways the movie screwed up with the story they’re retelling.

For Cinderella I mean I get why they want Lilly James (whose only work whom I knew is as Cousin Rose from Downton Abbey- as is one of the actors whom played the Step-sisters) to have more screen time. But her Cinderella seem to have a much more “breakable” spirt then her animated counterpart. Not to mention everything happened waay too fast in the live action movie. And I get it would have been hard and maybe they probably would have gotten some critisim for having a child actor doing something like carrying a small tray up or something but it would have been a little bit more realistic.

And with the 2017 Beauty and the Beast my only problem with it is that technically Belle’s love didn’t actually “save” the Beast it’s the Enchantress which did after she heard Belle’s proclamation of love. So that doesn’t seem right does it?

My opinion depends on the movie.

  • For Aladdin, very much yay, I think the changes they made are overall good and it’s interesting seeing the story with live people.
  • For Lion King… meh? okay? something along those lines. It was fine and really shows just how life-like CGI can be, but part of the original’s charm was that cartoon animals can have very human-like expressions, something you can’t do with lifelike CGI animations.
  • Curiously, for Jungle Book, despite being almost all animals, it’s yay again, somehow, they managed to convey personalities despite the CGI there, maybe because they did not go for realism that much.
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I’ve only seen some of them, stopped after I didn’t enjoy BatB. I liked Cinderella and I’ve heard Aladdin was good. I saw Anastasia on Broadway pre-COVID and I will say it’s a really amazing story, and some of the best songs aren’t in the original movie. So if they do a remake, I truly hope it is based on the musical, because not having The Neva Flows and Still in there would be a CRIME.

I was more a fan of the live action remakes before it was pointed out to me that a big part of the reasoning behind some of them was likely to use the IP to basically restart the timer on public domain.

But with Disney basing alot on folktales what part of the IP they actually own is a debate anyways.

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I like the original live action movies based on characters from the cartoons like Maleficent and Cruella (a much, much better movie than I expected) but I don’t see much point in blow for blow remakes that don’t do anything new with the source material.


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