Lipstick Bots

*What’s with the lipstick bots? They are popping up and upvoting in pretty much in every comment section on the main site.

The lipstick bots are easily identified with a random female name with a red set of lips to the right of the names. There is no more than one upvoting in most comments on every story so far. I have actually watch the lipstick bots upvote comments within seconds of a comment getting posted.

As of the time of this posting, I have counted at least 20 different lipstick bots.*

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I suppose they are part of the larger “bot invasion”.

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Problem is, is that we can’t flag the bot from the drop down upvote counter to report them.

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If you have the patience and determination, you can go to their profile page and report them one by one.


And if you have further patience, you can check the followers of these bots and report them too.

It is a tedious job, with the potential for seeing NSFW images, so be warned.


I been reporting the profiles and blocking the users

Somebody has dubbed these ‘smoochbots’ which I found rather amusing, I must admit.


I’m not sure how to feel about some of the pictures these bots are using, either. Some of the girls most definitely don’t look legal. Anyone else?

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I assume they’re just random photos stolen from Facebook or wherever.

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Knock on wood, I haven’t seen them liking posts today yet; some recent comments do have “1 guest vote”*, which I suppose means those accounts are getting disabled as a consequence of them being reported, but other posts don’t have any suspicious likes at all.

*I know that can also mean someone I blocked liked that post and any likes over 50 become guest votes as well, but I see those likes as “1 guest vote” even when when opening the given story in private mode, thus logged out of Disqus.


Yep!! I think they’re finally being dealt with, and hopefully they’ll stay away.


Same here

Looks like maybe now they’re back, but somewhat less aggressively and as the no-18 bots. :roll_eyes:

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Some of these new bots are still NSFW but some of them are incredibly ridiculous

Is it possible to see who upvotes on a mobile device? I’m only ever online with my phone and didn’t even know you could see that :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know, it’s not possible on the phone, no.

Possibly depending on the phone, if you can zoom in enough that you can touch just the number and not the voting chevron, it’ll display a drop-down list of who has voted (up or down) without adding/removing your own vote. If you also touch the voting chevron but didn’t mean to, you can touch it again to remove/replace your vote if you wish.

Hey… since we got the lipstick bots squashed, can we do the same with the other bots that are popping up? Just thought I’d put this out there


Lip bots are back!

Yep, had two upvotes already. And they’re FAST, the upvote came before I’d even finished reading my reply through after posting to be absolutely sure it looked right.