Lipstic bots are back... in disguise

I got a notification that someone called Disqus Team liked a post of mine. Cool! I thought, and went to their profile page…

…only to discover they were advertising a dating site. Only this time, instead of a young lady in a pretty dress, the photo was of a young lady wearing only panties. No nudity, but definitely NSFW.

I noticed i had a like yesterday either from this profile or one like it.

So keep an eye out for likes by Disqus_Team. To help you spot it, this one had yellow hazard triangles either side of the name. Rather appropriate, if you ask me…

Screenshot_20220702-180900_Samsung Internet


Are people really clicking on the links these things share? I don’t see how they can possibly be worth the time or investment in creating them.


Since they are basically free to make (not counting the cents of electricity needed to run the script to mass-make them), even if one horny idiot clicks on those links, it’s probably already a net win for them.


I noticed these a few days ago, too


I had read a post when bots like these were popular on tumblr, which explained that the bots there weren’t actually trying to lure in bloggers but were using tumblr to make their X-rated websites show up as legit on Google. Basically Google read “X is Good Content, gets lots of Real People Interactions. X is linked (via like, reblog, etc) to Y, which means Y might be good too. Y posts link to Z site, so that site might be good!”


They have hearts now instead of lips. -.-

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Everytime I see one I report it as spam and then block it, is that actually helpful?


I also go on to their Disqus profile page and report them there. If they have followers and/or being followed by other accounts, I’ll check those and report them too.

I don’t always report them as spam; sometimes they have only posted once with an inappropriate photo. So those get “inappropriate content” reports. As do the ones who haven’t posted anything, but have a link to a dating site in their About page.

Does it make a difference? I’ve noticed that some posts get hidden if there are sufficient reports, saying something like “awaiting moderation”. So if everyone does report it, there is at least automated hiding before it gets manually removed by the Disqus staff


I’ve noticed some people downvoting or commenting on them but I suspect that still counts as interaction and only encourages them


Well, at least the !Disqus Team! accounts seem to be gone now, so reporting them does some good.


Found one with Name surrounded by strawberries.
It does seem to clear them out, though it’s just as easy for them to make a new, slightly different account. But it does seem to temporarily cull them.




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