Limit on likes -how does it work?


Last night I got a warning I was close to my daily limit on likes. No biggie… I’d seen that to begin with you only get 50 likes a day, plus I’d seen that there is a badge if you use them all. A short while later I’d “liked out”. I got a notification that I can start liking again in 44 minutes. Then another one a short while later (when I’d forgotten I was SOL) to tell me I had 19 minutes to wait.

Eventually I could start liking again, but was only allowed one like before being told I was being too likeable and had to wait another couple of hours.

Anyway, I went to bed, woke up about half an hour ago (it’s now 7am BST) and only managed 1 like before reaching my limit.

So, how does the limit work?

Oh, and still not got the badge :wink:


If I may offer a suggestion/request… Can we get said limit removed? I’ve never understood why some forum software have this limit - and I say this as a web admin myself - and I don’t see any way the like system can be abused.


The only thing I could see a like system being abused with is as a vehicle for some kind of spam request attack. But even then, the issue would be spamming the server(s) with requests to record likes, not giving too many of them out, so it makes more sense to have a like throttle than an outright limit.


This is what I could find from the Discourse documentation.

It looks like the primary purpose is to prevent spam behavior, which so far it doesn’t seem like will be an issue - I’ll ask the team if we can raise or remove the limit.


thanks for the awesome information.

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