Lillo and Stich's Nani's CPS troubles reminiscent of struggles of single racialized women?

On Facebook today there was that meme that going around about how Nani in the Lilo and Stich movie was becoming a professional surfer before their (Nani and Lilo) parents’ death.

In the comments some people are saying that Nani was doing her best. But others were critizing Nani for leaving Lillo home alone by herself and that Nani should have just given her up to CPS or something and not leave her home alone by herself

Now some of you know I been doing research ever since fall of 2020/21 of racism in our society. One of the things I discovered is that single racialized women are punished more severely then single white woman for minor things even though both racialized woman and single white woman are doing their best.

Now I only watched the movie once and now that I was thinking about it, that despite Nani and Lillo are Pacific Islanders that in way Nani troubles with Cobra (the CPS agent) is sort of reminiscent of the struggles of single racialized women in Western communities

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