Life sim discord questions make me feel like a cashier in a store

I didn’t know where to put this. But due to a upcoming Life-sim game (Paralives), I sometimes feel like a cashier who has heard too many times the “it must be free” joke on the Paralives discord.

Some questions I have seen since late 2019:
“Is it open world?” (yes)
“Will there be pets?” (yes: Dogs&Cats&Horses)
“will there be Multiplayer?” (no not planned at the moment neither is console).

Do they have a dedicated channel for FAQ?

Yes they do. But still on the discord we get the same questions despite them being directed to the FAQ by the welcome message once someone does the command of !Welcome.

I do get frustated sometimes by some arguments over stuff that people have talked about as well.

Like last night-there was almost was an argument. But it didn’t happen all because I was asking for a variety of candy besides the Rocket (American Translation: Smarities) like in the Sims series. I got them to go over to my side by suggesting para kids being able to trade their dislikable candies w/ friends.

and the other month on the brainstorm when we doing schools. Someone was writing down ideas of how “kids could get there”. And the ideas were: walking, bus (either school bus, or other wise) or being driven there or bike. What caused the argument-was the fact that whomever wrote that somehow thought that people who walk to school have to get up really early. Which to makes no sense at all-not unless you’re doing it in a time period like Anne of Green Gables where they “have to walk up hills both ways” (I know Anne didn’t have to walk both ways). Where I am it’s the kids who take a school bus who has to get up earlier.

The Admin team on the Sims Discord I help with has a favorite emoji: Reading Is Hard. Because sooo many questions could be answered if people would just read. Or they’d avoid getting in trouble if they had read our rules.
We also have a Google It gif for things they could’ve found out for themselves if they bothered to … Google it! :rofl:

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I would love to be able to continue playing my SimLit only on Gen 4- but I don’t really want to till I get my new gaming computer and I’m been waiting since March for it. I mean March was the pysch assessment for Development Services funding. And then May was the ADSS and the SIS application packages and we got that bit of information near the end of May. And the end of June, the DSO folk got my application and we didn’t get the approval envelope until Sept. We had to wait a day before we send the forms back for the Passport funding because there was a bunch of “gobby-gook” on it and we didn’t understand. As of October 9th we’re waiting to hear about the special funding and it’s already the 24th of October-I’m getting really ticked off with the waiting

It’s like sloths are running these offices /s