Letter of (trying) to leave

I liked this community for several months . But due to reasons. I’m going to leave this community or at least try to for three months. I’m don’t like feeling attacked. And I wanted to be able to discus Harry Potter. But I guess on this site due to the author’s actions we can’t discuss Harry Potter anymore. If we can’t discuss Harry potter we shouldn’t be allowed to discuss Lovecraft’s work (never read any), Michael Jackson’s music like Thriller or Smooth Criminal, or Woody Allen(?) the director movie (never seen any) or Bill Cosby’s show (never seen any), due to similar immorality reasons.

I wanted to talk about Harry potter but everyone is ganging up on me. I used to like some of you @Stephen @LeadingZero and Kianna was helpful in my group home email even though it was dud because I couldn’t get ASPW over email. And the email was also a dud due to the fact that I would have to ask indivually group homes what they would be like.

I don’t like JK Rowling’s bigotry’s myself especially about transphobia. But I still think her original work aka Harry Potter had a good message even if that message she created gotten forgotten by her in other work.

I think taking a break for three months is a good idea. I have done that myself— in fact, I used to quit social media during Lent!

When folks pile on, as just happened to you, that can be very painful. I wish you the best.

Please feel free to come back whenever you’re ready.

I can still lurk but I just wouldn’t post in anything or at least try not to post in anything

Enjoy your detox.

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Good luck. Hope this helps you feel better.

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