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Jane found another small piece of paper shoved into the book. The words at the bottom read “tunnel of protection”. On the back she found that as long as she knew where she was headed, she could extend the Rune of Protection to their safe haven. Now to just wake Rachel.


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“Rachel? Rachel!”

Jane gently shook her friend, wincing as the other girl’s head rolled limply from side to side. She took her jacket off and pressed it to the still-bleeding wound, trying to stop the flow.

After a few terrifying minutes, Rachel’s eyes began to flutter open. She moaned softly, and Jane bent over her, tears of relief welling up.

“Have they gone?” slurred Rachel.

Jane looked round. The Glowies were still watching them, but couldn’t break through the protective barrier from the Rune.

“No. I’ve found a bit about the Tunnel, but I don’t know where we’re heading, so I can’t summon it.”

Rachel shut her eyes again.

“Keep reading.” she muttered. “There’s a map to…”

But she didn’t finish the sentence, slipping back into unconsciousness, and leaving Jane…

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“Rachel? Rachel?!” Putting her fingers on Rachel’s wrist, she found, to her relief, that her friend’s heart still beat. “Hang in there!”

Quickly she read the rest of the paper to find out where she had to go.

Take a look around you and find the place you’d go to find refreshment when the weather is hot. Head there and take a dip. You’ll find safety there.

She looked back down at Rachel. “I’m not leaving you here. Somehow I’ll get you there too.”

She looked around and in the distance could see water shimmering to her right. Knowing that time was short, she read the Tunnel of Protection’s words:

Please protect me on my path
Keep me safe from danger’s wrath.
Surround me now upon my way
And help me to see another day.

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Wanders in, looks around

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As Jane spoke those words, she could feel the charge in the air shift, and a slight breeze brushed her face. The cooling effect was brief, but it was enough to offer a sliver of hope.

“That came from the water over there!”

She looked down at Rachel.

“Well, i hope all this healthy running has been keeping you trim?”

With a grunt, she hauled Rachel onto her shoulders, and made their way to the water. It felt like an eternity to Jane, with every step punctuated by the her gasping breath. All the while she could hear sparks from Glowies testing the integrity of the tunnel.

She could see the lake come into view, which renewed her resolve. Exhausted, she lowered Rachel the the ground at the water’s edge.

It was then she realised that the crackling noise had stopped. She turned, and saw that the light tunnel was not as solid as she thought, and a Glowie had made it through. Without taking her eyes off the grinning creaature, she reached down into Rachel’s pocket for the bottle.

She pulled it out and held it out in front of her. “Stay back!”

The creature did not. Jane did not think it was possible for the Glowie to grin even wider, and yet it did. It was looking at the bottle. For the first time since pulling it out, Jane did too.

It had split, and was now completely empty. She looked back at the creature. Two more had joined the first one, their smiling faces equally as horrific as the first.

And they were getting closer.

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Jane looked around. There were no citrus trees on the edge of the water. However, there appeared to be a small island with various citrus trees. She just hoped that the Glowies couldn’t swim. Now she just needed to get both of them to the island.

She quickly spotted a large broken off tree limb. She dragged it over and slightly into the water and carefully draped Rachel’s arms over it. Jane pushed the limb into the water, held onto Rachel and started to paddle towards the island. Jane was very relieved when she managed to get there. Now to just get some lemons or limes from the trees.

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Jane ran towards the tree and reached towards the fruits.


She looked all around, before seeing a sprite sitting in the branches. “Me?” The girl asked in a trembling voice.

“Yes, you. Thief!” the sprite replied, “Stealer of my bounty!”

“But the glowies,” her voice trembled. “I need to save us!”

“The sacrifice is dear, especially for a thief,” replied the sprite. “Sacrifice mind or flesh?” The woody creature drew a knife. “I see a lamb,” it cackled, looking at the unconscious Rachel.

“Mind!” shouted Jane, “I choose Mind!”

“Good choice, thief,” giggled the sprite. It cut two fruits off the tree and tossed them to Jane. The eyes flashed a terrible red as she caught them.

Jane looked at the fruit in wonderment. “What are these? I have never seen them before!”

“I don’t know…” murmured a voice. Jane looked towards Rachel, who stirred, barely moving. “Who are you? Who am I?”

“I don’t know…” replied Jane. Her mind was a fog. Memories seized by the trickster, floating permanently but tantalisingly out of reach.

In the meantime the glowies started walking above the water towards the island.


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Jane looked at the glowing creatures as they skipped across the lake like, uh… like…

She wanted to say stones, but stones sink, don’t they? Well, they were moving quickly.

“So pretty” she said.

The stranger laying on the ground, propped up on her elbows, followed her gaze.

“Oh my! They’re beautiful!”

Jane became aware that she was holding some things. She looked down at them. “What are these?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps we could ask the pretty things when they get here?”


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