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The main reason for that was that the two who were removed (the donkey centaurs) were designed off of racial caricatures. Both appearance and movement. Also, they were shown blatantly topless instead of having flower censors bras, which couldn’t have helped. I mean, you could argue that they’re meant to be children, but they’re the same size as Bacchus’s unicorn donkey, which is presumably an adult because it’s drinking wine.

The two who were kept in (the zebra centaurs) were less so. I still wouldn’t call them 100% okay, but they’re not as terrible. And they have tops on.

I get that but still leaving two Black “Centeaur servant girls” in espcially after you removed twoh otther ones is kind of wrong? Espcially the pressure that Disney got from the NACP group when Disney was trying to make The Princess and the Frog in mid-2000s. Tiana was suppose to be a maid or something and “Maddy” was suppose to be her name originally.

I just about finish the Fantisa movie… And I got past the part of the segment where it’s “Night On Bald Mountain”. And it doesn’t scare me like it used to when I saw it for the first (and only) time. Maybe its helped because of the fact… that I got accustomed to the (scenes) from that part of the segement in the Disney machinas to the tunes of Halloween songs like “Monster Mash” and more approiately, “The Thriller”?

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If you can you should watch The Disney “movie” called The Recculant Dragon. Everything but the last few mintues of the film is about a guy who bascally “accidently” tours the Burbank Studios (well most of the inside except for one room was all done on a soundstage) because his wife wanted him to talk to Disney about Graham’s novel of the same name.

But please be aware because of the time period this was film was made there’s going to be racist drawings of Afrcian people and a chinese sterotype (in elephant form)

As an aside, and as there are a few Twisted Translations put on the Music thread, i thought you all might enjoy this earworm

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love her. her parodies rock.

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