Let's Talk Disney Media

Okay, see cause I was ok with the second one but REALLY wasn’t a fan with the 3rd one… so are these better?!

oh no… I can’t stand the guy’s acting.
Great song writer, love all the songs he wrote for disney , but my god he can’t act to save his life.

I love all the behind the scenes documentaries they do in disney+ obviously they are overromanticing ‘work for the most magical company’ quite a bit; but I like those peeks behind the curtain.

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Lin Manuel Miranda? I think he’s okay. I mean he’s not Nathan Fillion and he will always be my Hermes, but hey.

I’ll happily watch all of these.

I know my ‘hatred’ for him is probably unwarranted, but for some reason I just can’t stand the guy.
I see him play in something and my interest takes a nose dive.
But I will still give the PJ show a go, my love for the books will probably overcome that issue with hermes

Thankfully Hermes is not a super main character. It makes sense though, I know actors like that (I can’t StAnD Anne Hathaway or Will Ferrell for literally no reason).

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Not techinally Disney media. But people in the last 6-8 years been making Disney movie tributes using songs from the movies (or one case a play) and having it play along to scenes of different movies. You can see them on Yotube

So apperently sometime between the Video Cassette release of The Muppets Christmas Carol and when Disney put the same movie out on DVD and Blue-Ray- the scene where Scrooge’s Belle sings “When Loves is Gone”. was lost from the master cut which was made for the thetrical release in 1992 but was then cut from the theatrical release.

And apperenty Brian Henson who directed the movie kept hounding the people for years to make sure they’re still looking and finally they found the master cut so that if you have Disney+ you will be able to watch the movie properly


I just watched the Beauty and the Beast 30th Anniversary special. It wasn’t bad. However I wish they’d done the romantic dance between Belle and Beast on stage rather than showing the animated one.

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Understandable - maybe they felt the animated version was so iconic an onstage version wouldn’t measure up.


Perhaps. I’m also glad they included Evermore. It’s one of my favorite songs from the live version. I’m guessing it’s also in the Broadway version but never saw it


So apperently in 2001 there was a Disney-made TV movie called Princess of Thieves. Basically it was a sequel to the Robin Hood stories where not only did Prince John have to do with Robin Hood, but also Robin and Marian’s daughter as well.

(I only know about the movie, because of Colin Lookback doing a Disney Villian retropestive. Sometimes if there’s more then one movie in the series he might cover them in 1 video. But he mostly does it in Chroginical order from like Pete, Micky’s cousin, a 'mad doctor" and the “Big Bad Wolf” from some shorts, to currently, Prince John, Sir Hiss, and Sherrif of Nottingham. Next one will be looking at Madame Medusa from the 1970s The Rescurers and also looking at the 1990s Sequel villian, Percival C. McLeach.

I am so loving the Willow series. If Percy Jackson is half as good when it starts I’m going to be VERY happy.


I know who Oswald is. But who is Ortensia? There was a picture a couple of days ago in a Disney park showing both Oswald, and another Rabbit who name I didn’t know until the comments both welcoming in the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit.

Oswald’s girlfriend is named Ortensia, but I thought she was a cat.

So apperentyl she is a cat. I guess the way they showed her in the picture looked more rabbit-like then cat-like

So I guess both Oswald and Oretentisa are both good for this year. The Chinese Zoadic having the Rabbit this year, and the Vietmanese featuring the Cat.

People say that the dream Seqquence from Dumbo can give you bizzare dreams (or a simliar sequenze from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)- I think the broom scene from the 1940s Fantasia movie can also give you bizzare dreams.

Whichmovies might give you the most bizzare dreams?

I’m watching descendants 3 for the umpteenth time. I love the part with Mal and Hades.

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I know a lot of companies get critized for old steroypes in movies Disney included . Espcially their older movies… everyone here has probably heard how in the Pastrol Springtime segement of Fantaisa (1940) how there had been a 'servant girl centaur" which got removed (Note: According to a note online I found it it was two different ones but both got removed)?

The oddest thing is despite that removal of the one or “Servant Centaur” the (greek) god of wine- still has two “servant girl centars” and the top half are as dark-skined as the removed “servant centaurs”