Let's Talk Disney Media

A thread to discuss Disney media. Any franchises they created are fine, but ones that were acquired by them (e.g. Star Wars, MCU) might be better off in their own threads.

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Raya and the Last Dragon had fewer Southeast Asian voice actors (3, one of whom voices baby babble) in major roles than Steven Universe did (4). This bothers me, especially with all the fuss Disney made about Raya being their “Southeast Asian Princess” movie.


I found Raya to be rather lacking and the location of the comic relief dragon in the first ten minutes really set the tone of the movie as “firmly disappointing”.

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The trailer for Disnechanted looks good. But since my parents don’t want to buy a Disney+ substrictions. So I can’t watch it on the site. And even if I did have $180/year pyshcially bucks I don’t have a way to have it magically become you know…part of a Paypal account or something? Depending on how Space (or I should say CTV-Sci-Fi now) deals with the Disney having Doctor Who, my parents might have to change their tune about not buying Disney+

I’m looking forward to the Willow series and the Percy Jackson one although it’s not coming out until 2024. Ugh. At least Willow is starting at the end of the month.


I forgot about Percy Jason one. But hey at least this time they will be able to do the Gateway Arch somehow? Did you hear the Hamilton Songwriter- been cast as Hermes

I didn’t. I still haven’t watched that yet. But the first PJ movie was so disappointing because I’ve read all the books. I’m glad this one looks closer to the books. At least he’s a kid!

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Yeah I agree the Percy Jacksons (First one at least) was about as bad as Cursed Child play or the “offical” Sequel book of Peter Pan. (like the people never even read the original story/novels) or Curanzo’s 1990s Little Princess movie

Yeah it’s like they didn’t even have Kronos in it. What the heck? That’s like Harry Potter without a Voldemort. lol


Also, the OG Percy Jackson “kids” were whole adults in that movie. Among a dozen other issues that would take me far too long to unpack. Those movies were a MESS.

Judging by the fact that it looks like Riordan actually has creative control, I’m tentatively excited.

My personal Kryptonite on Disney+ is their Nat Geo acquisition. I watch so many of their shows on repeat (I’m looking at you, 20 seasons of Dr. Pol).


I love the zoo shows.

My SE Asian friend has so many mixed feelings about the movie. He was glad there was finally a movie but was really disappointed by a lot of the movie itself.

OMG Secrets of the Zoo?!?!?! YES.

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My mom loves that show and when I saw it was on Disney plus I was so excited. I especially liked I think the Florida one? I wish they’d have more seasons of it.

Yes yes yes me too! They finally put the “COVID” season of the Ohio zoo up (I think it’s the OG?) and I’ve watched literally every episode religiously. That’s why I like Doc Pol, they do 2 seasons a year :smiley:

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@Celoptra maybe your sister could make an account? I know that I can add other people to my account for the same price.

My sister’s not too happy with me at the moment. since I blabbed about her private life on FB" or so she claimed in an email the other month.

I’m confused a bit about a trailer for Disnechanted. In the one trailer it shows now teen Morgan (newcomer replaced the original actor)-being excited about Nancy and Edward from Anadlisa showing up and even hugging Nancy her former stepmother to be. So does that mean the two families have frequent contact with Anadlisa, or what?

Regarding Raya, if anyone wants to learn more, here’s a series of video essays from a group of Southeast Asians on the subject. [The channel host is Chinese, not SEA, but is amplifying the presenters’ voices, not using their own experience.] Part 1 is mostly behind the scenes/meta stuff, Part 2 is stuff found within the movie, and Part 3 is solely about queer stuff.

0:00 Intro
3:08 Lindsay Ellis [who got dunked on by the internet for comparing it to Avatar: the Last Airbender; I’d say this one is skippable]
24:27 Marketing & Expectations
55:20 Story and Themes
1:18:00 Worldbuilding and Characters
1:33:45 Cast and Production
1:41:35 The Problems With Sisu

0:00 Culture
8:31 Fighting and Weapons [special shoutout to the part about the keris]
31:03 Languages [special shoutout to the screaming slippers]
40:38 Food
1:06:10 Fashion

This one is closer to being one long essay, but it touches on the background of queerness in a few SEA countries, how it differs from Western queerness, and how they could improve upon the depiction in the movie.

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I’m watching The Santa Clauses. It’s good so far.

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