Let's hear those entitlement stories!

Tell us about the customers or people you’ve dealt with who were sure they were right and were wrong, and The Worst.

I had someone literally throw a phone case at me after I told them that no, they couldn’t return a 50-day-old and obviously used product that I couldn’t resell.

They INSISTED they had the “platinum” status among our shoppers, which meant they could return something for up to 60 days. Except they hadn’t purchased anything from us in years. I checked. So I said “okay look I’m really not supposed to return this, but I can-” and as I was crouching to grab a store credit card, the product hit me in the chest. He’d flung it across the desk and was making his way out of the store.

The worst part of it all was that one of the managers then made me return it anyway, and made me give his money back in cash. She then acted like it was my fault that the customer was mad, instead of him being mad over a $25 phone case he wasn’t going to exchange anyway.


There is a large and very busy bus station in Glasgow with horsehoe shaped bays for people to wait for their buses. The numbering on those bays is a little unusual in that the bay numbers are on the inside rather than outside of the horseshoe and, in fairness, is a bit of a design issue that could cause confusion.

However it isn’t so bad that it excused a scene I witnessed one day…

An older gentleman was reading his paper sitting at a bench in one of said bays when he suddenly looked up and saw a bus pulling away from a neighbouring bay (a bus which had been there for about 10 minutes I might add). He shouted in incoherent anger, tried to flag the bus down and then ran into the station to find a member of staff.

Yep, he had been sitting at the bay next to the one he should have been in and hadn’t noticed the bus he was waiting on arrive or noticed its presence at all until it left.

He came back to the bay shouting in a rather upper-class English accent at the poor member of staff he had found that the bus had stopped at the wrong bay and had now made him late. The member of staff pointed out that actually he had been sitting in the wrong place and showed him the signage.

At that point he blustered out that “Well I’m British and thats not how things are done!” At that point several nearby Glaswegians took offence to his attitude, treatment of the staff member, the implication that Glasgow is not in Britain and to be honest, probably his accent as well. The staff member had to stop the witnesses from intervening but at least the guy seemed to realise at that moment thar he had taken things rather too far as his rage decreased to a quiet spluttering. At that point though the member of staff told him that his options were to wait for the next bus (at the correct bay) or leave and seek alternative transport and then she walked off.

Still though the entitlement of sitting in the wrong area, insisting that was the bus station’s fault and then somehow expecting the bus service to create a solution for him was rather amusing at the time.


Poor signage notwithstanding his comments were definitely way out of line. I’ll never understand why people treat workers as “lesser”.


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