Let's Get Silly

Scaring people. I have a tendency to walk extremely quietly to the point where I can hide in plain sight. I watched someone who I swore saw me almost fall out of their chair when I spoke up.

Do you think that there are aliens out in the universe? Why or why not?

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I do think so because the universe is so vast it’s inconceivable that there isn’t life elsewhere.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

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Chocolate chip.

How long have you been a NaR reader?

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So long that I’ve forgotten how long. I was reading it before the other NAx sites started, if that helps?

Which is your favourite NAx category?

I’d say NAR. The craziest stories seem to be on there.

If you eat tacos, what do you like on them?

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Cheese, guacamole and hot sauce.

What takeaway do you order most often (type and meal)?

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It’s very rare that we have takeaway. It used to be Chinese (king prawn fried rice for me, vegetables in black bean sauce for husband), but since then, we’ve had Indian (korma and pasanda, because I’d not had either before) and pizza (for him) or burger (for me).

Have you ever been to a cat cafe, and if so, where was it?

There’s one in Coventry, and i stopped in there for a cup of tea, and did play with one of the cats.

I thought i had a photo, but you think i can find it?

Edited to add… Found it!

Who was the last person to make you laugh out loud?


Yesterday evening with a couple friends. We were at a table tennis tournament, and just having a really good time. Lots of laughing once the tournament was over and we were just chilling.

What is the stupidest way you ever injured yourself? (totally not asking because I hit myself with my Padel Racket this morning) Glass breaking in paddle game - YouTube

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As a teenager I punched a hole in a glass door and just about cut my pinky finger off.

What would you say is the best thing that ever happened to you?

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Two things actually though one wasn’t very good at the time.

  1. Getting fired from my last job. It was super toxic and I was so mentally stressed that I didn’t realize it. I went into the new year with only a PRN job and a potential lead from my supervisor at the hospital. I am now in a much improved mental state (some things still cause high anxiety but that’s to be expected and a different but related story). I am also at a much better job (despite the insanity of 2 days this week).

  2. My best friend from childhood demanding I come play D&D with her and a few friends of her’s. I met my boyfriend.

Are you good at home repairs?


Is that Binx? We’ve been to the Cov one a couple of times - Dobbie climbed my husband the first time, then was fascinated by my wheelchair the second.

There’s a fantastic one just opened in Solihull (last month) if you want to play with kittens! It’s called A Slice Of Purrfection, and it’s just near Touchwood shopping centre. £3.95ph, and the only rule is “Don’t upset the kittens!”

Oh, and @Keiko, no, I’m not practical at all. My husband’s excellent at them, though!

What was the last thing you ate?

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A pot noodle last night; i really need to get breakfast.

It might well be; i was only in there for a short while back in April and didn’t pay much attention to the names.

Favourite way to have eggs?

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It’s a three way tie between scrambled egg on a roll, fried eggs with a runny yolk and Eggs Benedict.

What’s the best zoo you’ve visited?

Pittsburgh or Omaha. Pittsburgh lets you rent out the aquarium for weddings.

Card game of choice?

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Cards against humanity.

If you could live anywhere you want where would you live?

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New Zealand.

If you could hang out with any fictional character for a day then who would it be and why?

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The Doctor. Once you’re in the TARDIS, a day could be indefinite.

Bath or shower?

Bath if I had one.

Sun or snow?


Pie or cake