Let’s play Bad Genie

Granted, the genie has the perfect place to remove this kid to - your office! You’re a great people-person.

I wish my dog would stop having tummy issues.

Granted - they now have lots of issue, which you have to find homes for.

So glad I haven’t got an office! I hate people.

I wish I were a dragon.

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Granted and you are slain by St. George. What a marvellous patriot you are!

I wish that my coach home was booked for 10:30pm rather than 7:30pm.

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Granted but it was 2230 yesterday so now your ticket is void.

I wish for another series of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Granted, but it is poorly written and in Chibi.

I wish that my Switch could connect to bus Wi-Fi.

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Granted, but the Wi-Fi is only accessible through a universal serial bus.

I wish I wasn’t so worried that Void and Vortex will hate me tomorrow evening (nose-to-tail health check and microchip appointment with the V.E.T.)


Granted! The genie knew you don’t like not knowing, so he is assuring you they’ll hate you tomorrow.
(my personal caveat is that wet food saves lives)

I wish it’d stop storming here.

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Granted - it stops storming, but then you get hailstones the size of tennis balls instead.

Surprisingly, they don’t hate me, despite both of them getting wormed as well! This may have something to do with the treatos and new toys (one of which contains nip - first time I’ve heard Void growl!)

I wish the Strictly launch show didn’t clash with the England match tomorrow night.

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Granted. They’ve both been cancelled.


I wish for some lovely weather throughout Suffolk tomorrow

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Granted. Suffolk County, Massachusetts, has lovely weather. Suffolk, UK, is wet, windy and miserable.

I wish my dreams weren’t so weird at the moment.


Granted but now they are as boring as every day life.

Last night’s dream involved a very weird banquet for me.

I wish @RavenclawRover didn’t have weird or boring dreams.

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Granted. RavenclawRover has lost the ability to dream at all. wonder how that will affect them psychologically…

I wish for the ability to take a vacation to go back to Norway.

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Granted. You are physically able to, but every time you plan anything, they fall through.

As for the no dreams, it’d probably help, the amount of creepiness in them at the moment.

I wish Void hadn’t got through the Mystery Door into my room (he’s out again now).

Granted. Void didn’t get in, but 10 random cats you’ve never seen before are now in your room. because cats are magic in and of themselves of course.

I wish I could fall asleep faster.

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Granted but now you fall asleep at the most random points and in the most random places.

I wish the weather would make up its mind.

Granted. It decides to stay miserable.

I wish the Belles had won today.

Granted. They won. But sadly it’s the last time they will win. Ever.

I wish my shoulder blade would stop hurting.

Granted. Now it’s your knee.

I wish my brain would stop getting in my way so I could at least get some of my own novel written down instead of floating around in my head. Stupid executive dysfunction.

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Your wish is the genie’s command!

Your brain now avoids you at all cost, you have no more coherent thoughts and your novel draft gathers dust.

I wish there were more jeans in my size available

That’s scary because my knee was hurting today after the funeral. Scary. Lol

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