Let me tell you about the time I wasted $3 and I didn’t give a crap

So this happened last year during lockdown. My mil’s place of work was shut down due to the pandemic. So she was home constantly for 10 weeks and tempers ran high. She lives with my husband and I. I had ordered some stuff from site named for a river including some underwear for myself and some food including grits for her. Now I will say that I’d been ordering from this site to help bring stuff in that we needed.

She is the only one who eats grits. But she didn’t know I ordered them. I did it as a surprise. Anyway the order comes as she’s heading out the door to go to the grocery store and for some reason she says, “I hope you get it!” Meaning you know what.

So I took the cardboard canister of grits downstairs after I see she’s gone and I intend to put it at her place at the kitchen table. However, I slam it down so hard because I’m so pissed off at her that the canister breaks open. So it ends up in the trash.

I consider it the best $3 or so I ever wasted.


She wished… that on you? Wow! And I thought my relationship with my ex-MIL was strained!

I’m just impressed you didn’t shout insults back at her and just gritted your teeth.


My read was that she said had that to someone on the street. Still a horrible thing to say, of course.


I usually am very non confrontational. But yeah I was not happy.


…And she lives with you. As does her son. And if you caught covid, you’d inevitably bring it home with you and have a high chance of giving it to either or both of them.

I’m really sorry you’ve had to deal with that attitude at all, let alone in your home. :frowning: