Learned about where the highly irrational fear of stanger danger kidnappings comes from

The other day in a Not Always Friendly the ball and fence story. People started talking in the comments about how kids in certain places don’t go out anymore due to their parents’ fears of “stranger danger” kidnapping children cases. A study from 2002 study shows that 256,000 or 78% of kidnappings are family abductions vs only a measly 22% are of non-custodial kidnappings.

Now for those in the States. whom might have been around in the 80s. You guys remember the Milk cartons having missing children on them? Well apparently the irrational fear today’s parents have of the said “Stranger Danger” kidnappings apparently comes from those milk cartons.

Not just milk cartons, but the over-saturation of news. Missing children cases are now national news, something that rarely happened in the past.

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It’s true that most kidnappings are no strangers to the kids, but those kidnappings usually don’t end in death, or complete dissapearing (sometimes it does unfortunately).
Besides that: 22% doesn’t make it irrational, it makes it 72,200 kids each year are kidnapped by strangers which is very well important to warn against.
I (do not) want to know: How many kids would have been kidnapped without the stranger danger routine?

IT just the fear is so irrational, that in both here in Canada and down in the States- a child can’t even take the family dog for a walk alone. Nor can they can even spend time in the family’s backyard (if the family HAS a backyard) alone without a parent or a relative having to literally hover over them every second because one of their neighbours or maybe the local cops has the “Stranger danger” thoughts which in the States at least (don’t know about in Canada) causes CPS to be involved if a neighbour calls about a child “being alone” even in one’s own backyard. Heck even being able to look out the window into the backhall isn’t good enough for these people (the people whom perorate the Stranger Danger myth) Er… I know one story in Canada where Canadian version of the CPS got involved in the case from British Columbia about a bunch of kids from one family riding a public bus by themselves to school the eldest of the children was 10 at the time . It got over turned recently since the court or someone tried to use Ontario’s “at home age law” for a case in B.C. (talk about comparing apples to oranges). I know there was another case out in Alberta some summers ago I believe where a neighbour called police for a parent letting their children play alone in the backyard by themselves and it “wasn’t good” enough that the parent (I think a Mom?) could see them playing through a window in the house.

I mean if the stupid laws in the states were around here in Canada when I was growing up-my parents probably would still be in jail due to the idiocy of the very broad laws i have seen in the states. I spend a lot of time in the backyard on my own either swinging on a swing (a kid’s swing, or the porch swing) or in the summer swimming in the pool on my own. I became a “latch key” kid when I was 11 something which wouldn’t happen to today.

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