Leaders not contacting everyone?

March 2019-it’s Monday of March Break and my day-program is supposed to have a potluck on this day. Anyway, Mom and Dad had an appointment at the doctors so couldn’t hang around after dropping me off at the program building.

The plan was mom and Dad would drop me off at the program, I would enjoy the program and the potluck, and then they would pick me up later and we would go see a movie at the theatre.

So I’m carrying a backpack, potluck cake Mom made, and a plastic bag of containers for the coffeegrinds (I was collecting them from the Program’s urn), and have just been dropped off. I spot something on the notice board…

The pot luck event has been cancelled; water has been turned off. I turned around to go back to the car but the car was pulling away and the car was too far away for me to flag down. I was so upset I couldn’t even remember the name of the doctor’s clinic although I could remember the roads it was on. My phone didn’t have Internet access so I couldn’t get the number, and neither of my parents had a phone with them.

I was very upset, and went next door to the grocery store. One woman manager asked me what was wrong and just suggested I go to the town’s library. Unfortunately I did not know where the library was, and in any case I had too much heavy stuff to carry.

Another manager, a man asked me what was wrong and used his cell phone to look up some doctor’s offices in the area. After a couple of tries, I got the right one, and the receptionist said she would tell my parents at the right clinic.

Unfortunately, because I was so stressed and upset, I forgot to say I was at the store, not the Program Venue. I was very lucky that Dad did find me as he had to drive past the building again.

All of this stress could have been avoided if the Program Staff had rung everybody before hand!

Had some help from @Stephen in rewriting it from the previous thread.


Wow that’s insane! I’m so sorry that happened to you.

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Not the first time that the leaders didn’t get to everyone. This is like the THIRD out of four times which it happened.