Leaders mislead about field trip lunches?

Now there’s three leaders in the program. I consider for reasons one position to be “cursed” like a class in Harry Potter series. Another of the leaders “B”, I’m not a major fan of because sometimes its feels like she’s picking on me.

Sometimes the group goes on “field trips” to places: Toronto Zoo, Ripley’s Aquarim, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Science Centre or to BlueJays (ie: baseball) game. Now in a couple of these field trips our “Sister program” in my town were also with us and made us lunches. Other times-we have to either bring our own lunch, or buy something when there.

In January-April 2016 I was attending a different program on Tuesday and Thursdays. A program I now consider a waste of my time.

Actually Story:

In March 2016 the main program was planning to go to the ROM. They decided to make it be on a Monday so I could go as well. Now for weeks before hand they were saying “we will deal with lunches” and then they were still saying it up to 2 weeks before hand but they were also saying at the same time “they also have a meeting that morning”

I show up on the Trip Monday and get really confused about the fact there’s no lunches. Leader B insists that “they told us from the start. That we either needed to bring our own lunch or buy something when there.”

I discovered later in the trip they didn’t start to say that until the previous WEDNESDAY and since I don’t ever go to Wednesday’s ones how was I suppose to know?

So after this incident I pushed harder for a “phone/email” tree.