Layout when creating a new topic is not easy

Not sure where to file this…

I’m on a Samsung Tab A using Google Chrome, and I have to switch from landscape mode to portrait to create a topic, as things like the topic title are off-screen or obscured by the black bar. Here are a couple of screen shots to show the issue.

When in Landscape mode, it is not possible to move the screen so I can see what’s been obscured.

Is there anything you good people can do?


I’ll wait for @DimSumEggRoll to chime in, but I think it looks like a code issue on our end. If your Galaxy lets you request the mobile version of the site, I’d give that a try too – it should also be in the menu in top-right corner.

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Thanks for writing in @Stephen! I’m currently unable to replicate this issue on tablet, but still looking into it.

Since this is a technical issue, would you mind writing in through our contact form so we can better troubleshoot your issue further?

Our contact form link is here on our Help page.
Direct link is here.

Screenshots are always awesome :metal: