Lawsuit over a ride?

My mom and I normally go (or use to go) almost every year to a theme park on (City’s island). Now until 2010 one of our favourite rides was the sky ride (and I much prefer that version to the metal version which they have now which has literally no shade).

Now you see unlike other rides this old sky ride didn’t at all do a “Stop” that you line your behind up with the chair and look over your shoulder at the chair and then you get into the chair and then cycle the park and back to check in station and then you have to hurry your behind out of the way so that the chair can get to the next persons waiting. Now If I remember there’s was plenty of signs of how fast the chairs and how they don’t come to a stop. Oh and one other thing you need to know in order to even get to the station to get onto the ride-one needed to claim stairs.

Now in the mid 2010s-Mom and I would go to the park and we kept trying to get on sky ride (which was one of our favourites) but it was always closed. All I can find out about it is in 2015 a lawsuit from 2010. Now apparently in the lawsuit, a then 11 year old kid broke his tibia and his Fibula in his right foot after he fall when waiting to board the ride with his father. The judge apparently sided with the parents despite the fact the father who was also boarding the ride knew that the kid had a disability. But the judge is sure (who I bet never been to the theme park) made the park operator to pay $173,693.23 to the kid and to the parents the cost of :$81,000. The father also made a claim that he was never told by either signs or by operators that “the ride never came to a complete stop”

here’s the entire article about the lawsuit

So whom do you think is responsible? Also another question is how did the kid get up to the station in the first place if his disability made him have “very fragile bones which bruise and break easily”?

The article says there weren’t signs. Maybe they put signs up right after this accident. But wouldn’t you see how the ride operated while you were waiting to board?

I guess you can have fragile bones and still get around. Until a bone breaks. A web page doesn’t mention bruising, I wonder if that refers to a type of breaking of bone on the surface, like if you press your hand onto polystyrene and you leave finger prints that are like “bruises”.

I have doubt about a ride like this being safe enough to use. It sounds like the machine keeps going when people get in the way. Simple yes, safe maybe not. On the other hand, maybe fragile people should know to avoid machines that throw you around. But maybe this is just a safe exciting ride, as long as you weren’t hurt getting on it?

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Except I never got on it after 2010 which was the last time I believe they operated the old sky-ride due to the lawsuit. But before 2010 there were plenty of signs that the ride did not come to a stop at all. And I just wonder how the kid got up to the station since if his bones were so easily broken/bruise-he shouldn’t have been able to walk up the stairs without something happening.