Kid germs, blech

New workplace, one of the people gets her small (8ish) child after school and comes back. Kid’s quiet, stays in the cubicle, cute enough to overcome my kid aversion a little.

Today the mom said that the child had been saying she wasn’t feeling well. End of day, she took the kid’s temperature. 101

Soon as I heard the number my throat felt sore. Half psychosomatic, half allergies, but I was fine until I heard that number.

I hope whatever kid germs that kid has doesn’t make its way through the office. Phone work and Dayquil don’t exactly go together, and I’m a baby when I’m sick.


I hope you’re okay and don’t get ill. I hope the kid doesn’t have covid.

If you’re up for it, you might ask your supervisor what work policy is on people bringing sick kids to work, and/or on coming in sick themselves, particularly during a pandemic. :frowning:


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