Jobs for people who can't work in a public-facing job when job market is public-facing?

What jobs could people whom shouldn’t be in public service do when job market is increasingly in the public service areas?

I’m been trying to catch up un the unfiltered stories (I’m still in the 900s pages) as well as the main stories. And I had been reminded of an old argument when there’s a story on the site where an employee is what some people think “unsuited” for a public-facing role (ie: cashier, or fast-food worker) because if they get upset too easily, or something else but it’s mostly is the former. Some people say that these people should “get jobs which isn’t public facing”.

So my question is due to jobs like mail clerks going the way of the Dinosaurs, the mammoths, the dodo or factory working- is going either overseas (China/Bangladesh) or down/over to Mexico for cheaper wages- what non-facing roles could these people have when the job market at the moment is increasingly public-facing?

PS. I should point out that even being a stocker of a store isn’t a guarantee you wouldn’t have to deal with idiot customers for some reason or other.

Warehouse staff (such as Amazon dispatch), postal sorting office worker, fleet garage maintenance, train driver (freight in particular), haulier (big rig driver), office admin worker.

There are many options!


I would have to disagree on office admin worker. Depending on where they were in the business they would have to deal with customers on a regular basis. If we are talking about something like a sectary (called office admins these days)- one of their jobs might be answering the phone for their boss or even emailing stuff for their boss. So plenty of opportunities for so-called customers or clients being Karens and Chads/Kevins.

So I don’t think office-admin could count as a “non-public facing” job actually just the opposite.

Edit: What about someone who couldn’t drive? So something like warehouse would be out (and presumably trains as well). don’t know about fleet machine garage, or haulier.

Data entry, accounting, and supply managers are all office admin positions that don’t require someone to interact with the public.


I had the problem, because I know that I’m not the sort of person who can do public-facing jobs. (Super reserved and get burned out of people very quickly, tend to be blunt and some social anxiety/awkwardness make me pretty sure I couldn’t do well in it, nevermind enjoying it)

I applied to things like the above, but kitchen staff and UPS warehouse worker were on my list as well.
Fortunately for me, I was only in them temporarily before going to my office job I majored in, but honestly it’s a rough grind. Job hunting is the worst in any sort of specialty, especially when you need money immediately. I just was careful to avoid things that looked like it’d make me miserable. (And had some family help)


when I look up “office admin” its only mentions what was formerly known as “Sectaries” and Sectaries-like duties. If I want to look up those other things I wouldn’t be looking under “office admin” for those things. I would be looking under “data entry worker” or “accounting” (and to be fair, there could be overlap with sectaries duties). Thanks for that new term I never heard before of “supply manager”

Ugh that’s the worse part of job hunting now. Every job site is a game of “Guess the Key Words”
Especially when my regular job title isn’t a common knowledge term.
I gotta read every single listing to figure out whether or not what THEY think the term means matches the job I’m trying to get. (And most of the time, it isn’t)
And the computer boots anything that doesn’t match the exact letters…


Secretaries are more like administrative assistants. Supply managers would be people in charge of ordering things. There would still be some human contact, but it would mainly be B2B (business to business)

Some other job types with low/no customer interaction:

  • Park ranger/firewatcher
  • Actuary
  • Night security
  • Lighthouse keeper
  • Field researcher

Other options would be to look for things that are in remote outposts, like if your job is to monitor the population of sea turtles on a particular island during breeding season.

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yeah, before I got on (disability income) and even while on it… I would look up Office Admin jobs in (region which includes my town) and I got so annoyed with every other post saying “I would need a DL and my own car” and office admin jobs which didn’t have that requirement were in the one place I can’t go too without a “bodyguard”/s And that’s not even counting entry-level positions need “1-3 years of experience”

PS. to anyone… I’m just googling at the moment for no particular reason about train drivers need and it’s says that some Train drivers might have to start as conductor, rail yard engineer, switch operators or yard masters

Thanks for that list.

Supply chain management was something I never heard of before.

But with the regards to both data entry and accounting they didn’t show up on google under “office admins” the only thing when I look up “office admin worker” is Office Admin Assistant even though to be fair depending on how small the business is the Data entry/accounting could be in the Office Admin Assistant’s duties. If I needed to look up the other two things it wouldn’t be under the term “Office Admin worker” but under either accounting or Data Entry.

So I still really can’t agree with Office Admin workers being non-public facing. But that my be my own bias because I went to college to learn to do that and I learned accounting, as well as Data Entry (ie: Excel, Word, Access)

Coding by and large still has alot of non customer facing positions. How good/bad this is is a debate though.


More jobs:

  • Truck driver
  • Archivist
  • Researcher
  • Research & Development (R&D) Engineer
  • Paralegals
  • Statistician
  • Copywriter
  • Zoologists
  • Surveyors

Do you remember what I said about the word “whom”? STOP USING IT, PLEASE!

You’ve used it twice on this page, and both times it is wrong. The correct word is “who”

Remember: “who” will always work¹ instead of “whom”, but “whom” will never work instead of who.

Does autocarrot change who to whom for you?

¹ even if it isn’t grammatically correct, it will be clolloquially correct


Are you asking for Paralives/sims stories or genuine job hunting reasons?

Yes, one can argue that there are public facing admin workers but there are also many non-public facing ones. It all depends on the office, the company, etc. Financial or internal IT office admin is far less likely to do public facing duties than front desk receptionist.

Stephen, you sound very frustrated right now. I don’t think yelling is going to help.

Celoptra: something that might be useful for the who/whom thing is a text expander. Basically, it’s a program that will automatically change a given phrase to another one. You can use it for a lot of things, like if you have a character with a very long name, you can make it so that you can type in something shorter. You can also use it as an autocorrect. If you commonly misspell a certain word, you can put the misspelling in and it’ll correct it to the right spelling. In this case, if you set it up right, you can make it so that it always changes whom to who.

Some free options:

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Yeah, you’re right. My getting caps-lock-on level of frustrated is not going to help anyone.


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I worked in retail and customer service roles into my mid-twenties (which sadly were a while ago now) but I now work in an office environment. I think its worth keeping in mind that all jobs have ‘stakeholders’ you need to interact with and that whilst they might not be describable as customers or clients in some contexts that doesn’t mean that working with them is always going to be ‘easier’.

Production line jobs for example don’t have clients but Amazon are a great example of how bad bosses can make that work hellish.

It might be worth spending some time on Glass Door having a snoop around different industries or employers. It could also be worth engaging a career advisor if thats within budget.

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Neither Really. It just as I said it sometimes crops up in comments by other commenters when we have stories on the sites (either on the main site or in unfiltered) that the “OP of should go get a non-public facing job because they aren’t suited for their current job” and I’m like sitting there thinking “A lot of jobs are public-facing today, there’s not really a lot that isn’t public facing these days because of the job market”. Like unlike what Kiana posted about light house keepers is actually the opposite is true now. Since lighthouses are automatic now the only point of a lighthouse keeper would be to run tours, and the gift shop of the light house if it’s a heritage one

Lighthouse keepers still clean the lighthouse and stay there to ensure there aren’t any problems with the automatic systems. Like how most planes are automatic, but they still have pilots on hand in case something fails.


@Stephen I fixed one of my “Whoms” to “whos”.