I've Been Part of NAR Too Long. I've Got Your Back, IT

Expounding on the conversation in my “My Wi-Fi is set to 720p” comment I made on a recent post.

I overheard a conversation that I couldn’t just ignore in the cafeteria at work.

Employee: See!? That must be the problem, my Wi-Fi is probably only set to 720p! I’m going to tell IT-End User Support to upgrade me to 4k like yours!

Other Employee: Hell yeah, man, you give it to them, that’s how I got mine upgraded.

Me: Wait, wait, hi, I’m (name) how are you?

E: Good, good, I’ve seen you around, you’re with security right?

Me (With “Security” Written in at least 3 different places on my uniform): Yeah! And you’reeeeee (name) from (department)?

E: Yup! Nice to finally meet you.

Me: You too, ok so, Wi-Fi!

E: Yeah! Mine is so slow!

Me: So, we don’t use Wi-fi for the work desktops, they’re all hard wired.

E: What? Then why does my computer say that the Wi-Fi is at 720p?

OE: And mine is 4K

Me: Where are you getting that number from?

E: YouTube, it shows up at the corner of all of my videos.

OE: Same

Me: Who told you that was the Wi-Fi strength?

OE: My son.

Me: Right, so, that’s the video quality. 720p, 1080p, 4K, those are all pixel ratings for the different qualities of video you can choose. The numbers are the pixel count length and width wise.

E:. . . .

OE: . . .

Me: Yeah, nothing to do with internet speed, and not something IT can change.

E: Oh my god I almost yelled at IT for no reason.

OE: I DID yell at IT for no reason!

Me: Just. . .don’t yell at IT. . .

OE: I’m going to go up and let them know I’m buying lunch for them tomorrow for being an a–h---- yesterday.

E: You also need to slap your son.

OE: I do, I very much do.

With that they both left without so much as a goodbye and I went on my way as well, also, his son is 30. We suspect this was a case of trolling.

IT will never know if this service, but they work hard, really, really, really hard and the IT-Help Desk guys have become good friends of mine.

Cheers, IT.