Is this story celebrating bad behavior, or just about an interesting coincidence?

Hi! Another question for you all about one of our published stories (link at the bottom):

Do you consider this story as celebrating rebellious teenage behavior and infidelity, or do you consider it a story that’s interesting because it’s about the coincidence of two kinds of bad behavior happening on the same night?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

I think the story is interesting because the Mom founds out her husband is cheating just because she want to wake him up to punish their child for sneaking out.


I say that it’s interesting because both the kid and the dad got caught sneaking out. I don’t think it’s celebrating the behavior.

I will say that the dad is wrong about them both doing “essentially the same thing”, though. The kid was not cheating on anyone. In the words of reddit, they were both the AH, but dad was the worse AH.


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