Is this Star Trek story NAW or NAR?

Hi! Another story up for debate. This story was categorized as NAR because while I am a huge Trekkie, I felt that the customer’s use of fandom-centric terminology was enough to cause confusion for the employee. However, I have received some responses (some polite, some… not) telling me that this story should have been categorized as NAW.

What do you think?

To be honest, it’s NAR but in a very minor way. Personally this is a bit of a non-story in general.

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Most of the commenters never heard of Star Trek XI. I think it’s a little bit of both. Customer assumes that everybody knows that name, employee thinks there are only 6 movies made. I feel mostly for NAR though.

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Sounds like the OP is trying to show off using obscure nick names

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I’m with @CJR; NAR if you have to categorise it, but it’s barely a story.


NAR for OP’s thinking that “everyone (who works in a movie store) knows” that movie is Star Trek XI.


Although I’d love to see their evidence for calling it NAW. Because I fail to see any myself.

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I mean, I’m with everyone else here, NAR. Though right now it’s NAW for some reason?

It always has been NAW. Not sure why @KillerTomato described it as such, unless they got into a bit of a muddle?