Is this gardening story NAR or NAW?

I’m not a gardener, so I don’t know if the client in this story is being “extra” or is it a standard gardening practise that you target weeds that are under the ground and are yet to germinate?

Yard work


I have a job as a gardener/yard maintenance person. I have just finished a job- cutting lawn, edging driveway, flower bed weeding & pruning.
The property owner is very pernickety, and I always explain in detail what has been done. She asks “did you pull up all the weeds?” My response- “yes ma’am- at least the ones I could see” Then she asks “well, what about the ones you can’t see?”

Customer being extra. For the most part if you can’t see them, they’re not there.


If you can’t see the weeds it’s kind of a challenge to remove them. Maybe from now on the client should just be told ‘all the weeds have been pulled.’


There are pre-emergent herbicides that can be applied to your lawn to keep the weeds from sprouting. So yeah, you can’t pull up those weeds, but then they don’t even start to grow, so you did take care of ridding the lawn of them. At least that’s my understanding of those kinds of herbicides; I do not have a green thumb, so my husband takes care of the lawn care, and he gets some kind of pre-emergent stuff to keep crabgrass and/or other weeds from growing in our yard. Maybe that’s what the client meant, but just didn’t word her question properly? If so, she makes it a bit of NAR, but the OP’s response isn’t very helpful (or professional), so also a bit of NAW (in my opinion, of course).

I agree with the above, there’s a few weed-prevention things between herbicides and pulling weeds up by the roots, and doing certain garden setups, but for the most part there’s not really anything active to do about weeds you can’t see yet, since they’re still just seeds or roots. I’m not much of a gardener myself, but usually general lawn maintenance tends to just stay in visible growth as far as I’ve seen. I’d say NAR, just because the customer is saying the punchline.

The line is kinda funny, but might be too short and snappy of a story. People have been complaining about stories like that lately, so it might need to drop between longer stories when you post it.

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