Is the title of this story sexist?

I was going to start this forum by asking “what do you guys think” but considering the topic about to be discussed referring to all of you as “guys” might be considered sexist.

Anyhoo, what do you all think? Is the title of this story sexist? If so, I’m open to alternative title suggestions!

Interested in hearing your thoughts!

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I don’t think interpret it as sexist, but being a middle aged male and growing up in the seventies and eighties where sexism was normalised, I’m probably not the best judge.

I don’t see anything wrong. Have there been complaints about the title?

If people feel strongly about it you could always change “wife” to “partner” so that both terms (Customer and Partner) are gender neutral.


Yes, the title is somewhat sexist. Straight women, gay men, unmarried people of all ages, etc. can be wrong customers, too! Less directly, it evokes the old sexist “Behind every successful man is a woman” (and variants thereof).

Title suggestions… uh, something involving telepathy, a play on “You shall not pass,” a takeoff on David and Goliath/Wyatt, or even something as simple as changing “Wife” to “Family” (birth or marriage or extended or otherwise, kids included)?


Now there was a time, when they used to say, “that behind every great man there had to be a great woman”.

In these times of change, you know that it’s no longer true…

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It wasn’t always true then, either! :slight_smile: Some people, though, still believe women should be in supporting roles to men.

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Yeah. ‘Spouse’ would be better.

This! I was about to answer that the whole concept seems sexist (or at least problematic) to me, but this sums it up nicely.
If we go by this series’ title’s concept, we should also have something like “Behind every screaming Karen is a husband who has already learnt not to get in her way” or something. So instead let’s just avoid both.


Sisters are doing it for themselves!! :slight_smile:

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While the saying (Behind every great man is a great woman) is sexist, I don’t think it’s necessarily sexist to reference it.


I suppose that “Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you” is over-dramatic for this story title, and possibly too obscure. It’s from the James Bond (Daniel Craig) theme song in “Casino Royale”, which is “You Know My Name”, and it was on the other night.

So maybe “I’d never forget whats’isname”.

The given title isn’t true; while often if the customer is male and has brought his wife, then she finds these scenes as endearing as you do, on the other hand it happens sometimes that the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

I earnestly don’t have a strong opinion.

I disagree with you about the '70’s beginning a burgeoning of sexism. I was born in 1960, and I remember my aunt’s participating in the “burning bras” era, complete with my grandpa’s support for women taking a stand. I recall many changes happening to improve and bring women’s rights to a long awaited fruition. In the mid to late sixties women’s lib was taking off like a rocket. True that it could have been better, but it was definitely improving. Thanks to all the Gloria Steinem’s emerging.
I’m not going to debate abortion here, but it was early 1970’s that women had the right to choose in that area of reproductive choices.
Women were seeing a little better pay than before, (a problem we still face today, so…). Through the 70’s there began the realization that women should not be left destitute after a divorce, so community property laws were enacted in a few states, California being one (i was born and raised in California).

Men were beginning to appreciate a woman’s abilities in occupations they were rarely employed in.
As the 70’s turning into the 80’s it progressed even more for us women.
It has only been the last 10 or so years that I’ve seen is move backwards to the dark ages of women’s rights and treatment. So much for being a progressive country, yeah? Sexual has been around since the dawn of man, and there will always be those mysogenists that wasn’t to keep us in the back seat. The problem is we allow too many sexists remain in power and that’s where we see the attempts at regression.
I apologize for disputing your recollections, and gaslighting is not a flavor that sits well in my mouth. Maybe it is because I am a female that I was aware of progress of women back then?
I just know I recall feeling empowered with each year from the age of 6 and beyond.

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