Is the term "Redneck" a slur?

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I’ve received a comment that the term “redneck” - as mentioned in this story (One Group Deals With Births And Deaths, The Other With Marriages) is a slur and should be censored along with other slurs like we usually do at NAR.

What do you think?

I guess it depends on who you ask. It could be counted as one. But I joke with my husband that he is one and he doesn’t take offense. I don’t put it in the same category as other offensive words such as the ones that start with n or any of the other ethnic variants. But to some people yes it could be. And this is from a white woman.


As far as I’ve heard it’s equal parts insult and group label.
It can be an insult like “hick” or “trailer trash” or imply unsavory things, but often it’s used as a idk more endeared term to people that consider themselves “country” and tend to jury rig things and ignore petty laws and stuff.
It kinda depends on the local circles you run and context.
So maybe don’t use it unless you have a good reason (there is no better description and that description is absolutely necessary) but I don’t see a reason to censor it. Just keep its use limited and be aware that it could be viewed as an insult and some people might throw it around rudely in submissions.

Tldr: The answer varies. Don’t think you need to censor it like regular foul language, but keep in mind it can be used maliciously and so probably limit its use.


Yeah, it’s definitely a word that varies with context. My grandfather (and several of our other relatives) calls himself a redneck with pride but it absolutely can be an insult too. I don’t know if I’d ever consider it a full-on “slur”, though.


Like others have said, whether it’s acceptable depends on context.

I don’t consider myself a redneck, but I have known many (and arguably married one, but he’s British and I think they call them something else there.) Anyway, I’ve never heard any of them take a hard line against the word, and several use it to refer to themselves and their families.

So no, not a slur, but it can be rude.


My understanding is it’s like “queer” or the n word or similar words that are still actively used as derogatory hateful terms, and also reclaimed as a term of pride by members of the in-group.

So I think it’s OK for someone to use the term to describe themselves (whether they should or not is a debate for in-group members to have with each other), but it’s not great for out-group members to use about others.

I do see “redneck” used more pridefully than terms like “trailer trash” or “white trash”, which I have never seen used to describe oneself or people the speaker respects.

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I have to agree it totally depends on who you talk to. To some people “redneck” would be a slur and other people would be fine with it. While I do think the word redneck is insulting, I don’t think it’s on the same level with a lot other words that are used that way because redneck isn’t a racist term, at least not that I know of and I certainly don’t think it’s a racist word. It’s a word that’s used to imply that you’re dumb and uneducated. And you find people like that in all ethnicities, so personally I don’t think of it as a “slur”. And as somebody else pointed out many times it’s used in a humorous good natured way between friends or family.

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I agree with most of what’s been posted before this. In reply to the comment that “redneck isn’t a racist term,” though, I’d note that I don’t think I’ve ever heard it applied to anybody who isn’t white. It’s not used to slam people for being white per se, but much as “b-tch” is gendered, "r-dneck* is “raced.”

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