Is "SJW" a bad word now?

Hi, I would like to ask all of your opinion whether “SJW” is considered a bad word or not. Because it seems that there are conflicting opinion on the internet about this. Many people I saw in other site seems to despise SJW, however in this site it seems that it’s the other way around. Whenever somebody mentioned that three letters, no matter what the content of the comment is whether they are praising SJW or making fun of it, it always end up with so many downvotes.

So I would like to have an open minded discussion about this, and let me know your opinion about it. Thank you.

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Whether or not it is, it is often used as such. It’s a bit like “Karen” in that respect. Karen used to be just a name, but now used as an attack or a way of dismissing the person.

It seems to me that SJW has almost become a parody of the ideals they are upholding. A few decades ago, it was about Political Correctness. For example, jokes that were insensitive started to get frowned upon, and those that wanted to carry on telling them called it “Political Correctness gone mad”, and it wasn’t long before “PC gone mad” started getting used at the slightest restriction against what could be said. Whereas the restrictions were more about being polite.

I’m not saying that SJWs are wrong, nor am I saying all SJWs are right, but I do think that those who dislike what a particular person is standing for probably uses SJW as a dismissive attack. Their reasoning is by labelling them, you weaken them.


I agree with Stephen.

In my experience, SJW is rarely used as a self-descriptor these days. It’s almost always something throws at someone they think is being too sensitive or getting offended for no reason. I don’t think it’s a “bad word” per se. I mean, the term “Social Justice Warrior” sounds pretty positive, but it’s become a sarcastic label for sure.


The term “Karen” seems has been accepted more than “SJW”. I remember in the early days of “Karen”, some people still trying to reject the usage of it. But eventually nobody is objecting anymroe. With “SJW” it seems that there are still a lot of people refuse the usage of it even though the term was coined wayyy long before “Karen”.

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Calling someone “Karen” implies they are doing something bad - which they may be or not - while “SJW” implies they’re doing something good, upholding Truth, Justice, and (until recently) the American Way. So if you’re accusing someone of that, then it puts you in opposition to it.

Also, call me conservative, but it isn’t a word if it doesn’t have vowels!

My reading of “SJW” as of this moment, is that as The Red Pen says, anyone using it as a self descriptor is a time traveler from 2015.

In my experience people who say negative things about “SJWs” are

  • Signaling to others that they are OK with mild-to-moderate bigotry
  • Likely to paint people as strawmen rather than honestly engage with other beliefs
  • Very concerned about seeming “cool” and cleverer than other people