Is it rude to open up a dishwasher which is trying to start washing dishes to put more dirty dishes in?

That’s a standard dishwasher, but you said you didn’t have a standard dishwasher. Maybe it’s old and broken, because it should get all the food off, or maybe you’re just not putting enough soap in. Those pods are bad, they only put out soap during the second cycle when dishwashers are designed to have soap during both the first and second cycles.

Here’s an entire YouTube video on why dishwasher pods are bad, if you want to see one.


I voted depends because if it just started i don’t see a problem adding more if there’s room. But if it’s almost done then no don’t add more.

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We had the current one for at least 4 maybe 5 if not more years because at one point with the previous dishwasher this current one replaced my sister’s one dog his collar got caught on a tine of an opening of the bottom rack.

And my parents think that the pods are “best thing since sliced bread”. so that they wouldn’t listen to the "baby’ tell them that the pods are bad. And also the liquid dishwasher stuff we used before also had the same problem with stuff being “baked on”.

Even though Dad’s dirity dishes wouldn’t get rinised off and might get baked onto the dishes and some of the stuff like leftover kale will “migrate” to the outside of another dish which means we might as well not both rinsing that dish (the non Dad’s dish to begin with) also there was no room for the dishes the dishwasher was SO full I had to put Dad’s normal lunch plate we used for breakfast, on the top rack.

If whomever (Mom/I) has to fill the dishwasher has to put a plate or a couple of plates in the back of the top rack it’s means there’s literally is NO room for more dirty dishes.

Especially not the big cutting board like Dad wanted to put in The cup might have barley fit but certainly NOT the cutting board. Since that spot was already taken by something else I had already put in.

That’s why I said it depends on if there is room. Obviously there wasn’t. You asked for opinions. I gave you mine and why.

Did the old one get all the food off of the dishes? Because it still sounds like something’s wrong with your dishwasher is it’s leaving food on knives.Maybe your family is just overfilling it, but something isn’t working right.

I can’t remember but I think it had the same problem. It just it was around that time that I started actually emptying the dishwasher without being asked too in the afternoon

I wouldn’t call it rude. I don’t know how a dishwasher works, actually - never had one myself - but if putting dishes in at the time he did would make the dishes less clean, I’d just call it stupid.

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So for once I was right. That less then 30mins after I started is too late to put more dirty dishes into the dishwasher. I just asked my Mom and she said at that point it’s too late to add more dishes.

Peanut butter is one of the materials that Consumer Reports uses to test how well dishwashers perform. They also use it to test how well toilets flush…

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Dad has a bit of a habbit of always trying to test our dishwasher with PB if Mom or I don’t rinse of his knives first

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