Is it rude to open up a dishwasher which is trying to start washing dishes to put more dirty dishes in?

My sister was in an accident Tuesday morning. A horse crushed her pelvis (I’m not quiet sure what part that is… so if someone can post a picture that would help!). But apparently it might not be as bad as we thought. Well anyway because Mom and I weren’t in the house for supper on Tuesday night (saw a play) it mean Tuesday’s dishes weren’t washed until around 1pm yesterday instead of over night. And then because Mom wasn’t at home last night for supper it mean there wasn’t enough dishes to run the dishwasher again last night.

After I had eaten my “first course” of lunch I put the breakfast dishes and my lunch plate into the dishwasher and between the supper dishes, the breakfast dishes and my lunch plate the dishwasher was crammed full of dishes. When I went back downstairs to make a “second course” Dad came out and opened up the dishwasher (which was trying to work) and put some dirty dishes into the dishwasher and Dad and I had a huge fight over it. He said I wasn’t listening but he wasn’t listening-either. He kept saying over and over “it wasn’t warm” it doesn’t matter if it’s not warm, but there was no room for more dirty dishes.

Mom and I consider it rude to open up a dishwasher which is trying to work to put more dirty dishes in. It would be one thing if there was barley anything in the dishwasher (wouldn’t have run it if it had anything in it) but there was a lot of stuff in the dishwasher with no room, for a big cutting board or another cup in the dishwasher. I had to put the plate I used for breakfast (Dad’s plate) in the top rack of the two racks because the dishwasher was that full.

  • Yes its rude
  • No its not rude
  • Depends on the circumstances

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The pelvis is the bone between your hips. It connects your leg bones to the spine.


Dishwashers use a lot of power. If it had literally just started the cycle then I see no issue with opening it add more items. If it was a long way into the cycle it would be a bad idea because it may contaminate everything but even then I wouldn’t consider it rude. It seems a strange thing to be offended by, tbh. Why do you and your Mum consider it rude?

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Just to add to this…

Not sure but if we had already started running the dishwasher (dad think 0:58 means 58 mins but I think it means 58 seconds? its hard to tell what that means on the dishwasher before it actually starts to wash the dishes) the last thing Mom and I need is more dirty dishes especially not from someone whom has a bit of a habit of not rinsing off his “dishes” or utensils. There’s a reason why in the winter time Mom and I joke about Dad’s “cement” when he has oatmeal in the mornings.

We thought that my sister would need surgery but a surgeon said it’s not all that bad, and that the pelvis bones could heal naturedly ? But we had thought that there was hip socket out of place but there’s an almost break in there but not quiet a break.

Well hypothetically if it had something like 5 minutes left in the cycle when your dad opened it to add more then that would be a bad idea because it wouldn’t clean what he added and would probably make the surrounding items dirty too. I wouldn’t call that rude though, just a bit daft.

On the other hand if it had just been running for a few minutes then it seems fine to me, they’re expensive and I see no problem trying to squeeze in a few more items.


I don’t know enough about the subject to offer an informed opinion. I can only compare it to when I broke a bone in my hand and was told that given it was a small break in an awkward position there wasn’t any point in a cast because it would heal by itself without the need for any support. It could be a similar situation.

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But there was no room for more dirty dishes I had a extremely hard time just putting the breakfast dishes and my lunch plate into the dishwasher before Dad had told me to start the dishwasher when I told him the dishwasher was full before I had came upstairs and then went back downstairs. If had to put Dad’s normal plate on the 2nd rack (which I did) that tells you the dishwasher is too full to put more stuff in.

And also Dad has a terrible habit of not rinsing off his dishes because when he put dirty dishes in with other dirty dishes which have been rinsed off it means the dirty on Dad’s dirty dishes is baked into onto the dish . And also it means some of the dirty stuff (like kale for instance) ends up on other bowls or plates as well. And both things annoy Mom and I.

Dad’s not rising is so bad that Mom always have to double check that if Dad has a “late night snack” of PB on bread, she has to check the knives to make sure a knife doesn’t get PB baked on to it because Dad will just drop it right into the dishwasher utensils without rising it.

and does anyone know if 0:58 means minutes of seconds? Since with the dishwasher when you press “start” after it counts down from 4, it then goes to 0:58. And then it goes to wash.

Ok so what I would say then is that generally, no, it isn’t rude. In your specific case though if you and your Mum have repeatedly asked him not to do this and it’s causing a problem then yes, it is. Context is important, yo.


And as I mentioned before Dad has a habit of it goes in one ear and out the other when we repeatly tell him to rising off his stuff . And he had already had seen how full it was because before he had his lunch he told me to start the dishwasher when I told him it was too full for tonight’s supper dishes or even the blender I used later and he had double checked it. It’s like he forgot within 30 minutes that the dishwasher was too full to put more stuff in.

if Mom’s not around for supper guess whom has to be responsible after supper for making sure there isn’t “cement” as Mom and I jokingly call it on the plates or mixing bowl/Salad bowl or utensils if Dad makes supper before putting it in the dishwasher?

If your dishwasher can’t handle peanut butter on knives, then it sounds like there’s something wrong with it.

There isn’t anything wrong with it but even though we call it a dishwasher it’s more like not really a dishwasher. But we had this dishwasher for a couple of years but after a couple of Months we realized (thanks to Dad’s habit) that if we don’t rinse off Dad’s PB knives the PB or whatever was on it… gets baked onto the knife instead of being washed off. And the same stuff happens to plates or bowls (with the additional problem of if Dad has kale- the kale ends up on the outside of another plate or bowl which means we have to re-rinse that other plate or bowl) since Dad can’t be bother to rinse it off which means the rising off job has to fall to either Mom if she’s around or me if she’s not around or she “forgot” to do the job.

What’s like a dishwasher but isn’t a dishwasher?

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Like something you might find in a restaurant? Or at least my church kitchen? Sorry I forget the word if I knew it.

Sounds like the “dishwasher” does not actually help you wash dishes. I mean, it sounds like it would be way faster to just wash them by hand.

and that’s just is the whole point of us having a dishwasher is because Mom doesn’t want to wash by hand. Especially not when she has already made the supper. Rising off the stuff she’s okay with but she doesn’t want to wash the dishes by hand. it’s okay to do washing by hand occasionally (visiting family) or if the dishwasher has problem (not working) but otherwise, she doesn’t want to be washing dishes 365 days a year by hand.

The point of a dishwasher isn’t to be faster than hand washing (it never is) but to save labor and water. It sounds like you’re not using the right soap for this dishwasher. It also sounds like getting a standard is something your family might want to look into.


and what’s a standard? But we have used a liquid form of soap for awhile and now we been using I think it’s Cascade pods? And it doesn’t matter what kind of soap we use with some of the latter dishwashers that stuff gets “baked on” because Dad doesn’t bother rising off his stuff.

This is sort of what our dishwasher looks like

And our own dishwasher is a Whirlpool.