Is it possible to "read" this wrong?

This is a collage of sims 4 pictures ( with Sims portraying of course The Little Mermaid couple). I have no idea how someone “read” it elsewhere but I think they read it “wrong”… since they told me to put it in “chronically order” but it IS in Chronically order if you’re reading it like a book. I mean come on the outfits of the sims should give people a clue which order they go in.

So is it possible to “read” the picture wrong?

I know the Andersen story, but not the Disney version. Here’s a general answer.

With an English speaker, there are two ways to “read” a 3x3 grid of images:

  1. Read it like the text you are reading now, namely top row from left to right, middle row from left to right, bottom row left to right.

  2. However, sometimes people set things up to be read as columns: Left column, top to bottom; middle column, top to bottom; bottom column, top to bottom.

  3. If you are talking with Japanese people, they will either use the first method or they will read by columns from right to left: right column, top to bottom; middle column, top to bottom; right column, top to bottom. However, it is very unlikely that anyone speaking English would suggest this is the correct way to “read” a 3x3 grid of images.

However, knowing the Andersen story, it seems quite clear that the grid is using the first method I described. I mean, she has her tail in the first three images, and clearly has legs/feet in the last ones.

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Japanese (and certain other Asian) people also do reverse-1, where they read it horizontally first but from left to right. This is how manga panels are arranged.

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I’ve been confused by that in manga more than once!

the first way is how one is suppose to read my collage. But I think one person was doing it e one of the two other ways since the one person was telling me to put it in chronically order even though it already was in that order.

Picture 1- top left- Ariel saving a drowning human (Prince Eric), Top middle- Ariel singing to a pass-out Prince Eric on the beach (Part 1 of Part of Your World Reprise), Top Right -Ariel still singing to Prince Eric but from a Rock (the other part of Part Of your World Reprise),

2nd row-Eric finding “the Shipwrecked woman”, The Dinner scene with Ariel using a fork as a comb (because of her misinformation about what forks were used for), And Her and Eric dancing in the town square.

Bottom Row- Kiss the girl number, and the ending of the movie when King Triton always Ariel to be with Prince Eric and Eric “lifts her up”, and then wedding.

Ariel rescues Prince Eric - YouTube Ariel saving Prince Eric, and singing to him, and then singing to him from a rock.

The Little Mermaid | Prince Eric Meets Ariel for the First Time - YouTube -the “shipwrecked” Ariel and Eric meeting (ok not 100% accurate but close enough),

The Little Mermaid |The Banquet | Disney Princess - YouTube (Dinner scene)

the dancing scene (Tour of the Kingdom) Tour of the Kingdom - YouTube

Kiss the girl: The Little Mermaid | Kiss the Girl | Lyric Video | Disney Sing Along - YouTube

Happy ending: The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Happy Ending - YouTube

wedding scene (I know the dress isn’t correct) Princess Ariel and Prince Eric - YouTube

Someone said I should put numbers on them but I don’t want to put even subtle numbers on them because I want people to just know the order they go in just by the outfits -or in Ariel’s case, her mermaid form for the first three pictures. Since I want the pictures to be “clean” and not have any numbers on them.

Of course Rapunzel’s will have a lot of pictures but the only way to know the order would be the finally picture with her having short hair…

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