Iowa, uh, wtf?

The iowa government is considering restricting SNAP benefits to the WIC list.

SNAP is to help poor and out of work people buy food, so it includes staples like white bread, butter, cheese and canned beans

WIC is only for pregnant or nursing mothers and does not include most carbohydrates, as it’s intended to promote the production of healthy milk. WIC is only issued in addition to SNAP, never alone.

If SNAP is restricted to the WIC buy list, most Americans on SNAP will not be able to buy enough calories to live.


sounds like the Iowa people are trying to get the poor to…apply for “help dying” (s that even a thing in the States?). It is happening a lot up here in Ontario, Canada. People on ODSP, or OW are being kicked out of afforable housing in the middle of a housing crisis and because they can’t find another one (or the wait list is long)-they’re applying for MAID aka “help dying”.


Are you actually surprised that Republicans are terrible? They’ve been terrible for decades and they’ve been proposing nonsense like this for slightly fewer decades. This is terrible, but it’s completely on-brand for the people proposing it.