Interesting disability advocate autobiography book

I was out of power for 29hours so when I could I was reading an very interesting non-fiction book. It was a book Mom and I heard of on PBS News Hour last Sept and the book for Christmas (Being Heumann) the autobiography of Judith Heumann. a disability advocate. And she had quite a rollercoaster of a life and of being an advocate from the 1970s-2007.

And she’s not the only surprising disability advocate that in the 1980s someone named Justin Dart had been made the head of diablity committee and when the same guy was made the head of a disability taskforce or something? That Justin Dart had included people with HIV in with the other disabilities

By the way does anyone know what a (I might be spelling this wrong) an allyiah is? I know it’s Jewish. Oh Ok it’s basically the Jewish version of reading from the Holy Book. (In Christianity it’s called Scripture reading).

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