Interesting AITA

Can someone who is Muslim confirm if male students seeing her hair also would be a problem?

Not muslim but afaik yes, it applies to all unrelated males whom you are not married to.

Thanks. I thought so but I wanted to be sure.

Also not Muslim, but I’ve been looking into this. Really depends on the student’s views, since there are varying opinions on the matter. Some are stricter, where you can’t have your headscarf off in front of non-Muslim women in case they tell their non-Muslim male relatives about any physical features of yours.

But assuming the majority opinion, yes, it would be a problem. Even if the other high school students aren’t adults yet by US standards, Islam counts children as adults once they hit puberty. Having your headscarf off in front of pubescent boys is as much of a problem as full men.


Oh yes, it definitely depends on how the individual feels about the rules, but I was fairly sure that was the rule lol

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