Infuriating! Man shot down to protest mask mandate [Content Warning: Violence]

Really, truly infuriating… according to the news, in Germany, a 20-year old gas station attendant was shot dead… because he demanded that customers wear a mask. According to the police, his killer saw no other way to “set an example”.
That’s taking anti-masking to a whole new low!

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That’s awful!


Words fail me.


Wow. Hope he finds the jail time he’s getting worth it.

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The two allegedly got into an argument, which prompted the maskless man to leave.

But according to police, the man is said to have returned roughly an hour later. This time, he was wearing a mask but he took it off and the two men started another argument. The suspect then pulled a concealed revolver out of his pocket and shot the 20-year-old.

This isn’t a case of someone getting stressed, and over-reacting in a “crime of passion”. This is clearly premeditated. His entire argument of “I had no choice, it’s all [Victim]'s fault” is absolute bollocks.


Well, he does confess that he wanted to make an example of that poor guy… so indeed, no crime of passion at all.


I suppose the news may be sensationalised. It could even be not true and “just” an attempted robbery and a murder. Or… whatever. Would it be a news story just that in Germany someone shot a gas station clerk?

I make a point to remember that most of news exists as entertainment. So it needs to be unusual. A car accident where no one’s killed isn’t news unless it was in your street or the driver is dressed as Santa Claus. Bonus if it isn’t in December. But otherwise it needs to wipe out a whole family to qualify.

And to remark, “Infuriating” seems not quite the right word. Although you may be furiously angry about what is reported, the word doesn’t quite mean that. In fact, it’s usually a joke. That also goes for “Outrageous”, but “outrage” is still sincere.

in June in London, Ontario, 2.5 generations of ONE Muslim family (grandmother, a a father and a mother, plus a high school teenager) were killed by running them over. The youngest child, a boy was seriously injured but surived. But the entire Ontario community was furious about that act of terrorism a WHITE person performed aganist Muslims.

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Yeah, if it’s deliberate then that’s worse. Which as news, means, better. If it’s out of discriminatory prejudice, that’s probably worse - though if it’s the next door neighbour with a personal grudge, then that’s an exciting story too. Incidentally, terrorism operates by intimidating a lot of people who aren’t directly affected by what’s being done - so it has no effect if nobody knows about it.

(And technically I don’t mean that you have to kill everybody in a family, accident or not, to be in the news. Just any number more than one person counts. Objectively, one person dying counts, but not as news.)

Here’s a case that happened near to me, in the town of Motherwell, in Scotland. Basically one person was killed by a car.

Remember that terrible things often happen, but I am assessing this story as an item of entertainment, because that is why the news media told it to me, and why I am drawing it to your attention.
The victim was a young schoolgirl.
Local people had previously complained about cars driving too fast on this road.
The girl’s father was a passenger in the car. The driver was his cousin who was showing off the car and its speed, well above the legal limit on this road.
The driver was not even qualified to drive and yet he had often been caught doing it.

This all makes the story more interesting, the emotions involved - but still mainly when it happened close by.

I disagree…that any news article about someone literally reaping someone else is infuriating for the victim’s family and friends. Especially if the victim is a BIPOC and the the perpuator is a cop.

I’m pretty sure that with German law, they can now ban Anti-Maskers as a Fascist group… much as they did Scientology.

in the US, violence over being asked to put on a mask is very nearly a daily occurrence but in Europe it is almost unheard of and Germans tend to be rule followers even more than the rest of the continent so something like this is even more unusual.

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