I'm a writer AMA

Also, what’s the book about?!

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If you’re talking about the one I’m writing it’s a young adult/new adult fantasy about a girl who finds out on her 18th birthday that she’s inherited a lot of money and that she has a history she didn’t know about.


Not sure if it is relevant to your genre but Ive always been curious if authors get concerned about their research. Or if there are any mitigation steps you take.

Like if you were writing a crime novel and were researching things like “life insurance pay outs” “how does lye work” “publicly accessible wilderness areas” etc etc Id be worried about ending up on some watch list. And thats not touching on thriller/spy novels that would involve research into event security and airplanes and the like.


That’s interesting. Since my book has to do with fantasy I’m not sure. Though with my copywriting that might come up at some point so it’s something to consider.


while not for that reason, sometimes when researching concerning stuff I add “for writing” to the end because all the default results either don’t give detail (in hopes of not teaching anyone to do that stuff, I imagine) or don’t give specific enough information.


Any tips for how to improve your descriptive writing (i.e. so stuff isn’t so “this happened, and then this happened”)
Also, if you have an editor, how much do you typically have to change from the first draft? And if there are still mistakes after publishing, is there any way for people to notify the publisher for future printings?

I’m not Published Author but I had a couple of problems with my SimLit and got banned at least once from the National Novel Writing forum.

But to fair I was being argumenter but people were saying “I was spreading hate” but it was because a “bad character” in my story were spreading propaganda about group of people some including Gen 4 heiress’s future spouse’s family, whom had to escape the fictional country of Afana (it’s current history is more like what Nazi do with the “undesireables” mixed with a bit of Talban/Iran’s treatment of women, but with tiny bit of 1917 Russian history hint, hint: Although the Sutlan did not survive,
One daughter may be still alive! except in my case, the daughter is still alive due to being moved sometime before hand from the royal family aka King Arthur)

and I have hogged this thread long enough

How do you mix dialogue bits with non-dialogue bits?

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The transition just takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. Write. Then read what you wrote. Ask you self if you were reading it if it sounds boring to you. Also it’s a good idea to ask someone who you trust to read it and give you their unbiased opinion. Though if you have a friend like I do, who likes to give unsolicited advice about what should be done let them know that you prefer they not do that because this is YOUR STORY not theirs

As for editing, my editor is a good friend of mine and an author so he understands how important my story and characters are to me.

The funny thing is that the book I’m currently writing started out with a prologue. That prologue now has turned into my backstory and the first half of my book.

Does that help?


It helps to listen to your ‘muse’. There are sometimes when you have blocks of dialogue. However it’s a good idea too to show how the characters are feeling while speaking.

Just like we discussed on another thread about how text messages don’t always get the inflection through it goes that way with writing a story too.

For instance:

“You’re such a big jerk!”

Someone says that. But are they saying it in anger? In a teasing manner? That’s why it’s important to do something like:

“You’re such a big jerk!” she said, laughing and pushing her friend playfully.

“You’re such a big jerk!” Rebecca’s eyes were full of tears as she ran out of the room.


How do you get past writer’s block?

It sometimes helps to put it aside for a while and go back to it. It kind of reboots your mind.


on average, how many times do you end up rewriting what you wrote?

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When writing dialogue, how can you make it sound natural?

Too many to count. Lol I’ve done more rewriting or maybe reworking of this book than I have with the others. Of course it’s a novel so that could be it.

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Well since the characters I’m working on now are based on my friends and I, they’re written the way we talk. It just kind of takes practice.


If you don’t mind, since it’s your thread, I can offer some tips on writing dialogue for the interested parties. I write and I’ve also done transcriptionist work.

ETA: actually, maybe that would be better for a separate thread all about writing advice?


I think that would be good. People can put in their tips and tricks for what works for them.


I’m happy to help!
Enjoy the suggestions


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