If you're sick, should you work?

Because the 6 and the 9 are not rotating separately, they’re rotating together. Which means that as well as switching top and bottom, they switch left and right.

As you were shown repeatedly. As you could see for yourself if you actually tried it.


Look at the number 69. The circles (bottom of the 6 and top of the 9) are on the inside. For 96, the circles are on the outside. If you’re spinning the number 69 around, how do the circles get on the outside?


I’ve had my say on it. I’m done now. Even though that story infuriated me enough to make an account on the forums… :stuck_out_tongue:


Lets pretend that 7 and L are opposites of each other.

Now lets look at 67

If you flipped that over you would get L9 not 9L because the 7 and 6 would switch places as tbey rotate.

Same thing with 69. The pre flip right 9 becomes the post flip LEFT 6 and vice versa


I guess you never used a ticket taker thing? Because on those kind of things that 69 together go the oppiside way when the ticket is upside down or something just humor me for a second… and pretend this picture below only said 69 and you’re accidently turned the paper upside down OR you’re reading it from the across a table

if this had 69 and it was upside down/or you’re reading it across the table are you sure you couldn’t read it as “96”? because if a 6 can become a 9 because of it being flopped down, a 9 can become a 6 reversed when the two numbers are together.

here’s a better picture- 1969

tell me if it was upside down (with the exception of the 1) or you read it across the table, couldn’t it have read 696?

the problem is people are hating on OP for malicously complying. But I’m trying to point out that OP might not have had a choice except to go in. And everyone is hating on me for thinking its okay to kill people. I’m not saying that at all but when a boss tells you to come in you have to go in.

Sorry for getting the topic off-track

And we are saying that you DO have a choice. Your boss is not God. You can say no. There would be consequences but that is still sometimes the better choice


Yes, I am sure it doesn’t happen that way. See for yourself.

69 Sixtynine GIF - 69 Sixtynine GIFs


not using the write kind of font. Look at the ones above the 1969 tickets

Going to honest, if I was the boss’s boss I would have fired OP for coming in sick against doctor’s orders. Their superior would have been fired too and I would have sued the pair of them. If the boss was the owner then I would have sued them if fired as OP.

In short OP is selfish, malicious and deserves to be on the receiving end of a hefty lawsuit.


You don’t have to go in. It might be in your best financial interest to go in, but your boss is not going to come and drag you into work. You can say no. So you get fired, if it’s a choice between getting fired and killing people, you should get fired.


No. The OP admitting that she did it as malicious compliance makes it worse, but if she had done it for some other reason, it doesn’t make her choice to infect other people with her disease acceptable.

And no, when a boss tells you to come in you do not have to go in. You can choose to go in, but you just have to accept that making that choice shows that you are a horrible person.


The font doesn’t matter. I posted a .gif showing that 69 upside down is 69. If you want to convince me it’s 96, show me a .gif of it.


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@Stephen I like you but please don’t shill your game in this thread. Out of respect for the workers that the [insert venomous description of OP of your choice] infected. Please.

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I came in here hoping to continue the conversations from last night but with more civility. I find myself faced with the same thing (albeit with the hostility thankfully downplayed and a bizarre increase in Frozen GIFS) and some weirdness about how flipping 69 upside down magically makes it a 96.

What the heck happened?


The same thing that happens to any controversial thread. This happened more in the style of Reddit’s AITA compared to our usually more left-leaning regular posters.

Celoptra often decides that she can’t be wrong and argues about it for a long time. That’s what happened with the story last night. Someone brought up a time in the past when she decided that she had to be right while she was very wrong and now that argument has been rekindled. It’s a much more harmless argument, because it doesn’t matter, but now it’s the thing she cares about.


Fair enough; text removed from post

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