If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Is there a country you’d like to live in for a while or retire to? Do you have a type of area in mind like coastal, farm, urban, forest, tropical, has 4 seasons? What would your ideal home look like? Would it be near a zoo, or a hiking trail, or the beach? Would it need a cozy chair by the window, or diverse restaurants/travel spots nearby?

A gentrified nuclear bunker-house out in the country, with accompanying land to have a suitably sized solar panel array for power self-sufficiency plus the other necessities. I truly enjoy the idea of complete self-sufficiency and then some. Building it into the earth should also help with the heating efficiency. I would, however, like a pub of excellent quality located within a comfortable walking distance. Possibly own the pub too if it’s not too greedy. Extra comforts would be paid for by selling excess electricity into the grid to produce a steady income in addition to any current job.

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Well there’s a house in Tyringham, MA upon which I based my house in the book I’m writing. My goal is to eventually make enough money on the book that I can make whoever owns it an offer they can’t refuse. I gotta find the link and I’ll post it.

The house

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I wish we had the money to add a water maker / solar panels to our boat. Then I’d love to cruise the world, taking my home with me!

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honestly, as an introvert. id love to have my own personal island so I don’t have to deal with people unless I want to. I guess that would qualify as beachfront/coastal property, and whatever type of climate that island happens to have, preferably not too hot or cold most of the time.

If money were no problem, I’d build a house right here in Mission Hills (a neighborhood in San Diego). It’s urban, but there are canyons full of wild life a block away. There’s a park set up for bird watching, including displays showing what birds you’re likely to see. It’s one of dozens of small parks in the area. Then there’s Balboa Park, with 16 museums and the San Diego Zoo. A short drive will take you to any of several beaches.

Any house I built would be as green as possible. This city is full of solar paneled homes and there are plenty of charging stations for electric vehicles. Any kind of restaurant you can think of will be available. If you want a garden, almost anything will grow here, all year round.

There are any number of world-class medical facilities within a mile of our apartment.

And there’s always that ocean. . .

What’s not to love?

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I would love to just relax and settle down in a decent-sized home in some fishing town on one of Norway’s archipelagos. I love seeing the natural beauty in things and I also want to climb mountains+ skiing. also, I’ve heard Norway has excellent architecture. which is the field I want to work in .

I like it where I am because it is so peaceful and green, with both mountains and salt water, and the climate is such that it discourages in-migration. I am up in the Vancouver BC area, on the American side, where it rains 8 months a year. Californians live in a cozy warm climate with sunshine and the resulting overpopulation problems that causes scares me. I do hear that Britain and Ireland have similar climates to ours …

Northeast US /New England. I never want to leave here. Near/on a lake would be nice. I’d like a house close enough to a major city but not in the city built long enough ago to have slanting ceilings, old wood floors, and a footed bathtub. I’d also like built in bookcases and if we are really going dream house a cupola. I’d also want it close enough to a major airport that traveling wasn’t an issue but obviously not so close that the planes woke me up (which they’ve been known to do at school).

In a TARDIS, even if it only travels in space and limited to Earth. Going anywhere at the snap of a finger, understanding the local languages and unlimited storage.

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Take me with you!

@jbmasta @Sillsallad Which one of you would get to be the Doctor?

I’m too cowardly to be honoured with that title