If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Telekinesis for me especially since I’m short and can’t always reach things. Also useful if you drop things.

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The ability to generate portals. Ideal for travel, eliminate a commute and dependence on public transport. Go on holiday? No need to worry about flights. Small scale, if I drop something make a portal where it’s going to fall so it won’t end up on the ground. In terms of personal comfort I could keep one open to let air ventilate through.


I so wish I usually woke up feeling well rested…


creating forceshields; no more getting wet during rain; capture some nice heat from your house in a shield and stay warm for hours outside.
it’s useful as a defensive power should any other super powered person get any ideas of going after me, and it’s also very easily adapted to an offensive power if the need arises.


@RavenclawRover Well, to be fair, if you think too hard about it, any superpower can present serious challenges :wink: Even something as innocuous as your suggestion – for example, it could be a problem if you can’t turn it off and hear every animal all the time, including insects in and around your house…
That’s why we shouldn’t overthink ficrional powers :grin:


Always helpful if one is short or just doesn’t have a free hand to carry stuff.

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An underrated superpower.

Portals are my choice as well.

No need for long trips unless I want to, no paying for a million and one gas tank fill ups, get to see all the wonders of the world with no long flights full of crying small humans…

I’ve seen one, which is more than most Americans, I know, but I’d love to visit England or New Zealand.

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I, too, would settle for a reliably good sleep. Even better if my superpower can also make others sleep!

“Drop the gun!”


Portals would be SO handy.

Even better, it would work really well for my geriatrics.

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a super ability to move through doors or walls so i can get into the house either because I forget to put the sign on the screendoor not to lock it, OR if its winter time and the inner door is tricky to open.

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